LOOK Beauty Double Hit Lip Review: Pink Punch & Citrus Kick

It's safe to say that when I buy a weekly magazine, LOOK or More are the first ones I grab they are both filled with fashion and beauty pages and I always find something inspiring in them. So ages ago when I won tickets to the Look Show, we got goodie bags that's when I first heard that they were launching LOOK Beauty we all got an eye shadow and a double hit lip. At first I was on the fence, usual sidelines are a let down but you can't judge without trying, and I'm so glad I did as the double hit lip is my best makeup pal. They have been available in Suderdrug for a while, but of course as they are not in all stores it was only a matter of time before they launched their own site. After getting the Citrus kick double hit lip in my goodie bag, I went out and purchased the Pink Punch (when I say me I mean my boyfriend). So what did I make of them ...........

Citrus kick c/o LOOK (in my Look goodie bag from the Look show)

Any mum knows that when it comes to bag space we don't get much, you need an army of stuff for your darling little ones which leaves very little room for your things. Even for non mum's who wants a heap of lipsticks and gloss, rolling around the bottom of your bag. So a lip product, that has lipstick at one end and lip gloss in the same shade at the other is nothing short of genius (why this hasn't been done before I don't know). The perfect day to night lip product. I think gloss is great for day, as it's subtle and if you need to look professional than it's perfect, not everyone can rock the Nikci Minaj look in an office job. 

Pink Punch (that Barry treated me too, bless him)
here I am wearing Pink Punch lipstick and gloss

 Citrus Kick L-R Lipstick, Gloss & Lipstick with gloss over the top
Pink punch L-R Lipstick, Gloss & Lipstick with gloss over the top

The good, well firstly I adore the way it smells (not everyone will love this, but personal I do). It has this gorgeous coconut scent, it's the gloss side that has the strongest scent, Barry (my bloke) actual said he loved the smell which made me love it even more. I think this is purse friendly at £7, as you could easy spend that on one lipstick from other brands. You could easy have it in your clutch bag on a night out for top ups, and it won't bulk up your bag as it's not chunky. The lids come off with ease, the lip gloss unscrews, and the lipstick lid pops off for a girl on the go (but is not loose, so don't fear a mess in your makeup bag). Also another great thing about LOOK beauty is that a donation will be given to Look good ...Feel better, with every purchase which supports women with cancer. 
  • The gloss side, it glides on nicely and is pigmented which I was actual surprised at. Usually with glosses I've had it looks lush in the tube, and than you can barely see the colour on the lips when applied so this was an instant winner. If you prefer a sheer gloss, than I would opted for the Citrus kick instead of the pink punch. It has a lovely shimmer to it and you get a fair amount in the tube. I am a total sucker for pink's so the Pink Punch is the best kind, the shade is so cute and would be great to layer over any pink shade of lipstick. The coral gloss Citrus kick is equal one of the best day wear lip glosses I've ever had, I usual wear this it's my current go to shade.
  • The lipstick looks really pigmented, but doesn't apply as strong as it appears which was a little disappointing ( I would say this mostly applied to the Citrus kick, but Pink punch was strong as you can see in the photo). Saying that you still do get a good lip colour, and it stayed on for around 2 hours before I had to reapply. Pink punch is like the colour of Nylon magazine, it's a full on Barbie warm pink, while Citrus kick is a warm orange which looks great on my cool skin tone. Again you get a fair amount of lippy too.
  • Gloss and lipstick combined is the best, and if your on a night out it is the way to go for pop coloured lips. Again it lasts and you really get the best from both.

The bad, if I'm honest the only thing I think I would change is the packaging it could be a little prettier. It is a good shape and size, but as it's coming from a fashion magazine I think something a little more jazzy would go down a storm. Apart from that I love it!

So I will be getting the others, I really want need the purple shade as it looks like thee most divine purple ever. I even went to MAC, for this kind of purple but they don't have it's got to be the LOOK one, plus £7.00 for both a lippy and gloss is a bargain in my book. LOOK Beauty products can be found at  Superdrug, prices start from £4. The Double Hit Lip products cost £7 and as I mentioned before they will make a donation for each purchased product.


  1. The colors look really prety.

    Love the candy pink.

    Peg x

  2. I really want to try one of these, I love the colours.
    This review was great :) x

  3. I like the idea of a two in one lip product that you can create different looks with. Pink punch is a gorgeous colour!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. Great review, you're inspiring me to get on with doing some beauty reviews :) I really like double hit lip, I have one in orangey red.

  5. Great bright colours, think they will be perfect for summer on the beach. Thanks for sharing :D


  6. wow the colours look so bright and pigmented.. especially that pink!!

  7. i just bought some of these from the website, they're so lovely. citrus kick is definitely my fave one xx

  8. WANT!!!thanks for the review, as I was unsure to purchase these are not.


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