Guna Pod: Wearable Blanket Review

Take one baby, not literally steal one that could land you in some hot water but one you know and hold them with a blanket on. Annoying isn't it how sometimes it doesn't cover their feet, or how you have to wrap them up as if they were sushi for it to stay on. Even more annoying is if you drop it with baby in your arms, and than have to do the scooping the blanket off the floor with your foot dance. So how about the grow bag things, yes there okay, but what if baby gets to hot or needs a bum change, you have to take the whole thing off and when baby is screaming the place down it's a nightmare.

As you know I have a little darling, who loves nothing more than cuddle time and that means you need to have a blanket handy. So to say I jumped to review this Guna Pod from Clothing at Tesco, is a huge understatement. I'm glad they emailed me, because I would have screamed like a teenage girl seeing her favourite band. So the big question will this answer my blanket prays, will it be as functional as it promises .............

Logan all cosy on a rainy day in his Guna Pod c/o clothing at Tesco

So Mr Logan has been using this blanket for also two weeks now, I wanted to use it a lot before writing this as I wanted to see how it washed etc. So firstly it feels amazing, it's so soft and feels lovely for both you and baby. It has two side zips which were perfect for when we had the heating on, instead of having to lift him up up or anything you simple unzip the side. The zips are strong, but easy to use the zipper in the front has a tab top that covers it so it does not irritate baby. The zip at the front does not zip wide open like a jacket, it stops just near the bottom which I liked as you don't have to fiddle with it. The zips are a little bulky, but I found that after using it over the week this was a huge pro as I could zip them up quick.

Sleep time, does it make any difference?

Logan sleeps longer when he wears it! Since the blanket never falls off like a traditional blanket, as little babies tend to kick non stop and it can be a nightmare. He doesn't wake up from being too cold and he has heaps of leg room as it's from 0-9 months. Usually he will wake up from me messing around with his blanket, trying to re-cover him in the middle of the night (like most babies he sleeps so lightly). This for me is why I will be buying more, anything that helps my baby sleep for longer (helping his development) is a winner.

How did you get on using it out and about?

When it came to changing time, it was so handy sometimes when your out with baby the changing rooms can be cold, so I could change Logan and keep he warm and comfortable. Plus with the zippers meeting in middle at the bottom, you have easy quick access to just change and go.
The pop studs (snap or whatever you call them) at the top are dreamy, you have three on each side and I found I could just slide it over Logan's feet while sitting him up and snap them shut. So if you don't have somewhere to lay down baby and put it on, it's really not a problem.

So what about washing it?

I was waiting to go right here's were it may let me down, but it didn't happen. When I first received it, it was really fluffy instead so the first wash I would recommend a hand wash or something just so it doesn't transfer on to everything. After that there was still a little bit of fluff, but to be honest it's not that big a deal. I found it easy to wash and after it dried, it was still as soft and cosy as when it first arrived. 


I could rant about this all day, I love it. The only thing that would be handy maybe, is different coloured zippers as they can all look the same sometimes. If they had colours, it would just save you a bit more time to know the bottom from the sides etc. Everything else amazing! Soft, cosy and washable more importantly functional! It's priced at £20, and I think it's worth every penny, I was sent this one but love it so much I'm going to buy another. I know not all of you are mum's, but if anyone you know is having a baby this would be a perfect gift too *make a mental note. I think it would also be nice if it came in more colours and designs, I think as it's a new product I hope it will explained the range over time.

Logan can't talk, but if he could he would say a huge thank you to both Guna Pod for inventing this and the lovely folks at clothing at Tesco for sending us it. Seriously best thing I've ever been sent to review. It means rather than spending time messing around with a blanket, I can enjoy cuddles and also play more with my other boy Corbie. Corbie (who's two and a half) likes to also give Logan cuddles now, as he loves the pod haha which is fine by me I love seeing them have a cuddle. Anyway ......

The sack comes in three sizes too, but I love that I will have this one for another 6 months before buying the next size (and yes I will be buying them as they are just perfect and blankets just annoy me now). I think it also comes in brown and pink, I really like the cream colour as it's more unisex.
Sizes are: Small 0-9 months, Medium 9-18 months, Large 18-24 months.

The models in this video made me laugh, they look so nervous handling this kid.


  1. Logan is BEAUTIFUL! :) What a wee cutie! And this looks like a fab idea, I'll need to buy one for my new baby bro/sis when they are born next month xxx

  2. aahw, your baby looks so cute ! xx

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