D.I.Y Day 6#: Spike Studded Shoes

So you may have seen these on my instagram photos a while ago, a few of you asked for a how to so here you go hope you enjoy it. This is such a simple D.I.Y, for updating those boring pair's of shoes you have but never worn. So grab them and let's get started ....

Things you will need:
  • A pair of shoes or boots (Use either an old pair of shoes or a cheap pair)
  • A knife (handle with care)
  • Pack of at least 10 spiked screw studs ( I got mine here off eBay and went for the 12 pack, you can get them from craft shops etc ..)
  • Blue tack 

Shoes before: These were just under £3.00 from the charity shop.

Step 1: Have a good think about where you want your spikes, I decided to follow along the stitching as it was easier. I had already completed these, but deconstructed them to show you how to stud them. So start from the middle and work out, also make sure you have the same number of studs for each side. Place blue tack on the inside of where you are going to pierce the hole, this well stop you cutting yourself. Take your time and slowly pierce a hole with the knife, don't rush as you don't want a huge hole.

Please note that the backs of the spike studs will be on the inside, so check you have room or the back of the metal stud will rub and hurt your foot.

Step 2: Remove the blue tack from the inside and place the back of the stud (the screw side), in through the back of the hole. Take your spike and slowly start to screw it on to the back, if you don't screw it on tightly it will come loose. If your having trouble, try putting the spike in another hole as some spikes can be funny.
Do this for every spike, give your shoes/boots a wipe, and just pull on each spike you have to make sure they are on tight.

Now they are ready to wear, remember to have a good think as you can always place them in the back, on the toe. Make sure you remember about the backs. Give it a go!
I have a heap of D.I.Y posts coming, so I hope you enjoy them I was going to start another blog just for my D.I.Y's but I won't have time to managed both. So decided to just be here and I think it's easier than you lot having to go to another blog.
(If you try this let me know and I will share your links to yours on this post)


  1. OMG, do you mind if I steal this idea! I LOVE IT!!!

    CAT xoxo

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  2. Ok, the shoes are stunning. I'll have to visit a charity shop asap to get something I can work with.
    This is a fab idea lady!
    Thanks for sharing it :D

  3. Such a great mix of hard and soft!

  4. These are awesome, there are so many pairs of shoes I could do this with - But I'm so scared about making the holes, I'll probably make it too big for the whole stud and screw them up completely!

    You've done such a good job though, I'm going to 'assess' all my old shoes tomorrow for a pair to glam up! Maybe some converse? Hmm..


    S xx

  5. cuuuute! I looove those studs! I need some!!

    mwah xx

  6. Hi darling,I just found your blog,and I love it! I like the way you write your posts and choice of your photos.My old blog is was hacked,so I am following YOU now, because Im searching for new great blogs to follow.
    I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it :) Have a nice day :)

  7. I love this !! I'd love to try it, though I think I'd hurt myself haha

  8. That's such a great D.I.Y! Makes te shows so much more stylish (and they were nice to begin with!) xo

  9. I did something similar a while back, love changing my shoes and studs add such a great look. xx

  10. ooh they really needed those for that extra bit of pizzaz !

  11. these are so cool!

  12. This is such a great idea, the shoes look great. :)

  13. This is brilliant! Your blog is amaze! :-) lol Following!

    Amanda x

  14. These are the cutest shoes I've ever laid my eyes on. I need to try this!

  15. Wow, I love these! Might have to try this. : )


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