Before The Turquoise

So these were taken just before I dyed my hair, I actual really liked the brassy colour. I think when I'm bored of the turquoise I am going back to this, oh yeah if you hadn't guessed it I dyed it turquoise it's okay but I want it even stronger. It's been such a mission, I plan on writing a post about it, to help anyone else with pre-dyed dark trying to achieve dip dye hair. If you have blonde hair or virgin hair (never dyed) your laughing, it's pretty easy to do. Anyway it has been a busy week, the lovely folks at Matalan invited me to their press day (which I will share soon, its mega I'm not kidding).

Now that Summer is just around the corner, I what it to be A/W! This collection was so good, just you wait you will be praying for the end of the year. Matalan is so well priced too, they have some great pieces online at the moment I know this shirt has been popular with the blog folk. They are fast becoming cooler as time goes on, I think before some of their clothing were not as trendy as other brands (a little bit frumpy in the past). It's great to see that they are, as it's perfect for must haves for any budget! 

Top: Rogers & Rogers top I think via sue ryder shop
Necklace: Old H&M (I think)
Jeggings: Topshop
Wedges: eBay

At the moment I just want to wear socks and sandals, I think May will be a month for just buying a heap of cute socks. I got these from Clothing at Tesco, for like £1.50 (or £2/£2.50 for two pairs, I think) yes it's a little geeky, but that's why I like it. The weather here has been true to this month with non stop April showers! In my next outfit post you will see the start of my dip dye hair finally bye bye brassy hair, oh and I am out Saturday night for once it's for my best mates birthdays (so it maybe a glam outfit, rare moment I know).


  1. Your hair looks amazing like this!!! Looking forward to seeing your dip dye and are you going to tweet when you post the how to? I want to do mine a pink colour, but have the same problem. So any advice would be great, also would you be able to do a how to for the ice cream nails please.

  2. I love the hair. Matchy matchy sox! Fun.

  3. LOOVE that 2nd pic, you look fab!

    you hair is lookin AWEEEESOMEE!


  4. I love your hair! I'v just ordered some dip dye hair extensions (my hair isn;t long enough ): ) from got dark to light blonde can't wait to get them!

  5. Your hair looks like fire here! Although I do like the turquoise too :-)

    Just to let you know, the giveaway I'm holding tomorrow ends tomorrow, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a Benefit Erase Paste (among other things!) then click here!

  6. I'll look forward to your dye post!I'm dyeing my hair a wild color July 4th as part of a charity fundraiser. Having never dyed before I have a lot to learn! ; ) Do you use Manic Panic or Special Effects? Those are the two brands I see most often mentioned.

  7. this is how I want my hair to be x

  8. nom nom is it weird that i want to eat your hair???? hahah xxx

  9. I love the print on your top! I was at the Matalan press day this week too, sooo many gorgeous things I want!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. You look really nice, i like your socks sandals combo, your hair looks lovely.I had such a hard time trying to change my hair from black, black is such a hard colour to change. Sounds like you had a great time at the Matalan Press day. xx

  11. Those shoes are super cute!!
    Love your hair in that stage too! Really different :)
    x x x

  12. i do think this version looks good and suits you too


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