The Colour Block Kid



So I'm still ill but that does not stop me dreaming of Summer, which in turn gets me thinking of colour blocking. I love this 'trend' to be honest it's not a trend I think colour block is more a way of life for a lot of people. I think with my over haul on my wardrobe, colour block has given me the power to minims my style to create a throw it on feel. As I have said in past posts I take forever to get ready, so anything that you can piece together within less than half an hour means I have more time to actual do what I need, and to be were I want. For now as it is too cold to wear light fabric, so for now colour block is happening with in my accessories and on my nails. 

I just adore the Christopher Kane collection, and really want to make my own D.I.Y neon lace jacket and skirt. I was lucky to found this skirt at H&M, but there does not seem to be much on the high street yet, so hopeful come spring summer the shops will start to give use some wild neon clothing and shoes please I need neon shoes.

Come summer I will be wearing pop/ clash colours, I am so looking forward to hot days and the smell of fresh cut grass, ice cream and taking Corben to the park for his first picnic. I think bright colours and summer go hand in hand for me, and being wrapped up in a blanket right now feeling like death warmed up dreaming of summer is getting me through. So I hope you are all well, the flu seems to be going around but OMG Barry made me a heart shaped money box which I will show you in another post, I cried it's so cute. Anyway hugs to you all and it's almost the weekend thank goodness. What colours will you be wearing this Spring/ Summer?

Colour Block For Spring/ Summer


Jacket and Heels from River Island
Vest from Topshop
Skirt from Topshop
Pumps & Bracelet from H&M
Crop top from H&M
Necklace from Harajuku Lovers


Wishing I Was Swedish

Images: Topshop

Being naught I was having a look over on Topshop site , yes I have no money and yes I love to torture myself I'm ill and can't do much. I wish I had this whole new collection in my wardrobe, it's called 'Swedish Summer' ( so think lay back chic looking effortless and living in IKEA showroom ...okay maybe not) , it has this cooler than cool feel I know if I was to try and rock half of this I would look like a little deranged. 

Still may have to get some and risk it, I am in love with the scallop shorts and I do love a mix of denim and all these wonderful prints. This collection is very folksy but some how just a little more edgy (as most swedish people are beyond cool) . I am totally in love with the dip dye hair too, I would love to try it but again I know mine would just look a tad mental. I am so, so ill, and wishing I could do outfits but I don't think anyone needs to see me in jammies. When I feel better I will be getting my hair cut and going shopping, so except to see what's on display and weather my hair gets hacked off. What do you think about the collection?

Hope your having a great week, thank you for all your comments and if you have any requests of what else you would like to see on my blog let me know. I will be doing some posts on outfit inspiration, and showcasing some cool new online shops so don't worry ill or not you will have plenty to read. Come talk to me on twitter would love to hear from you x

I Whip My Hair Back ....


Jumper: Toshop
Tee: Amplified
Skirt H&M
Boots: Primark
Scarf: Gift

Not because I'm fierce like Willow Smith, not even to look sexy. Nope if i don't whip my hair at the moment I end up choking on it, mainly when I'm carrying shopping home from the supermarket it seems my hair just can't keep out of my mouth. I think I'm going to have to brave the hairdressers. If you have not heard me moaning about this, than you should know that I HATE getting my hair cut. I fear it like people fear the dentist, I 've had that many shit hair cuts that I no longer trust anyone who has scissors near my head. I have managed to avoid one for almost three years, but my mane is limp and mangled and hangs sadly from my head. 

Me and my hair have never got on, it wants to go one way while I endless force it to go another. I have dyed the hell out of it,  and use to kill it further with the hairdryer and other hair torture. When I was pregnant it was glossy thick and almost perfect, after he was born my body ( like every women after pregnancy) goes back to normal with the hair regular shedding. which meant I was left with heaps of turfs, so the idea of someone making me look even more of a twat (yeah having little turfs down your centre parting looks so cool).

So now that my hair has grown out more, I have gotten to the point where they will have to hack it off and not even my fear can change my mind. Trust me I will have to gear my self up and just breath in deep, I will be grasping a picture of how I would like my hair for dear life and fingers, toes and eyelashes crossed it won't look totally shit.

So I hope that like Willow I will be flicking it around with joy, I may get funny looks and the police may be called to remove me from the street but once it's cut I will be whipping it if it doesn't go terrible wrong and I end up with a bald scalp wish me luck. Do you have a strange fear of something?



Is It Down The Back Of The Sofa


Jacket: Vero Moda
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bag: gift
Ring: gift

Why is it that you always misplace the same things. I always seem to misplace things I need, yet always have out of date train tickets in my purse and never have trouble finding things I don't wear (that don't fit me) but can never find my favourite cardigan. It's always my Tesco clubcard, the new can of deodorant I have just bought (these are still 'lost') and I know what will happen, I will have the Tesco card replaced and buy a new deodorant to come home and find them both. Also I hate when people suggest really stupid places, and you make a huge deal about the suggest place 'What! Your chatting shit' ...and than find the thing. 

But the most annoying thing about lost needed items are, they will ALWAYS be in the most obvious place possible. You will search high and low, all the while it being right in front of you arrrgghh. Sorry I'm a little O.C.D when it comes to my clubcard, I hate missing out on my points yes I am sad and of course I need deodorant or I will smell (currently borrowing Barry's, his not happy). I just don't get it, I have trained myself to have the 'usual' place to leave things in but I still manage to misplace something. 

On the other hand, there is finding things you forgot you had, which is really bad as this is a clear sign I have far too much haha. Anyway I found some cool jewellery I forgot I had, some of which Barry got me in Egypt so I am sooooo happy. Yeah my life is CRAZY exciting at the moment, Corben is still so ill so life is on hold once he is better me and Barry have planned to go out, so I promise not all my posts will be about lost crap. This was my outfit today I love my H&M top, leopard print makes me happy actual strike that makes me happy  makes everyone happy. Like I said I found some things so on with my ring and necklaces, I need to get better photo's of them because I have a bangle that is stunning that I must show you. Also I'm pleased to announce that after counting all your entries and using the very quick I have a winner, the winner is number 5! Toni well done, shopalike will be contracting you to send the bag directly to you, thank you to everyone who entered and I'm sure I will have some future giveaways. Also A HUGE THANK YOU for all your comments on my last post, glad you liked it.



Never Bring Me Hair Dye

Hat: Miss Selfridge
Top: Vintage
Jeans: Topshop
Jacket: Primark
Shoes: EBay
Bag: gift
Necklace: River Island

Have you lot seen the 'Nice and Easy' advert, I mentioned this on twitter the other day and I'm sorry to go on but WTF !!! I still can't get my head around it, plus it's kind of a real dig to women. I can't find a video of it yet, but when I do I will post it. The advert starts off with the girl who is starring into the mirror with a sad face (as you do, because lets face it when you have a little regrowth than what else could you possible do?!). Than her two 'friends' come round with a V.I.P pass for her (not sure what for, wouldn't get to excited love could just be for your mates boyfriends shit band) and wait for it a box of 'Nice and Easy' ....STOP RIGHT THERE. 

Okay so in reality if your friend brought round a box of hair dye 1. I bet it would be about ten shades to light/dark for your hair and 2. Why? No friend would  do this. I think in the advert she should have taken it to the bathroom and cried as she dyed her hair (in her white jumper no less) than looked in the mirror and realised that these girls weren't her friends. Your friends suggest and encourage you, not shovel a box of 'Nice and Easy' in your hand while flicking back their perfect hair. I mean if a 'friend' makes it her mission to dye your hair, before you leave on a night out your being dragged to than what's next ' wear this, with this and burn those shoes'.  I think what got under my skin is that someone who came up with this thought it made sense, have we became a generation of 'perfection' to the extent that not only do we seek it for ourselves but now everyone around us must 'fit in'. Okay I may sound crazy getting this from one advert, but if this is how 'Nice and Easy' See's use than who will be next to insult us.

I can safely say my friends have NEVER brought round something so ridiculous, a friend will bring a treat and never put pressure on you to try something. They encourage you and support you. ARE YOU LISTENING 'Nice and Easy'. Would you ever bring round your friend hair dye? Okay with my rant over today was so cold, so these photo's were taken at break neck speed as my mum was frozen. So sorry for there blurriness (I can't stand it ), anyway the giveaway end's at 12:00 I will be counting all the valid entries and than the winner will be picked at random so I will let you know ASAP. So final wore my new skinny black jeans, the ones I mention here and I think I will be living in them as they are so cool with the snake effect finish and comfortable. 

Corben is so ill at the moment he has a really bad cold, so my places of going out are on hold but in this weather I think I prefer being in anyway. I found my vintage green striped blouse and decided to give it a second chance, it has made it back to the keep pile but maybe seeing the EBay pile in the future. Sorry for the complete randomness of this post. So I hope you had a fab weekend and I really want to know. What advert gets under your skin?


A Face Full Of Fresh

So I told you a while ago that I would be doing a face mask review so here it is, this first bunch are fresh face mask from Lush but I will also be reviewing some non fresh masks in another post. So here's just a little about what 'Fresh' is, as these face masks are made of fresh fruit and oils and lots of other lush stuff they need to be keep chilled. So you need to keep them in the fridge, they will usual only last for a few weeks so one for the month is the best option. 

You get enough in each pot for about 4  applications so once a week is perfect, you don't need to slap heaps on (after all if it's not touching your skin, than it won't do anything) so a nice even layer is perfect. All the masks are pricey at around £5 a pop, I know this is because of the oils (as they are expensive and even a little can be pricey) but I still feel that they could be around the £3 /£4 pounds mark. 

If you bring back 5 fresh face mask pots you get one fresh face mask free, so if you have heaps of money it can work haha okay so maybe this is more a long term thing. I have 4 so almost there and than I get a pot free (come summer), I know Mac runs a similar thing with their pots so this is nice for face mask addicts.

On to the masks ........


Cosmetic Warrior- The superhero

This face mask smells so bad, it's all the garlic inside but if it zaps my spot's I don't care. So it goes on pretty softy and I can move about with easy, once I have washed it off my skin feels a lot cleaner it's a little tight (this is from the fresh free range eggs) but not in a bad way. The next day my spots have reduced by half, and my skin feels and looks a lot clearer and  the day after that the spots  have almost gone. My skin felt a little dry after, but I think this is because it's drying out the spots. I think this is perfect for an out break, and also if you have overly oily skin. I would not get this for a treat as it's more of a rescue mask plus it has Tea tree so does the trick, I do love it and will us it when my skin needs saving from spots. 


Oatfix- The oh why
This was thee WORST one , I was looking forward to it as it's for dry skin but it was awful. Firstly it was a pain to get on my skin, it fall off all over the place so a huge no no I like to have a tidy when I have a mask on.  It was like having my breakfast (that's the oats inside) on my face, it smelt nice but felt pointless I gave it another try. My skin felt no different and I washed my face straight after, with my nivea wash as it felt so grim. I was let down because seeing ingredients like banana and vanilla it sounded yummy, nope one to avoid.


Brazened Honey- The wow I have a new face
Not one for you sensitive type's that is for sure, this mask goes on smooth but washing it off is like having your face blasted with a brush. It smells good and you feel it gets into every little nook, I love how fresh my skin felt and it cleared all the dead skin away. It left my skin glowing and I even got asked the next day if I'd had a facial, the ground almond shell just powers through everything and the fresh lime just gets rid of that dullness. This surprised me as I really enjoyed the full on effects, I did have to leave it a while before applying anything to my skin after but WOW this is better than a face peel. Great for dull winter skin, not so good for the overly dry and a no no for sensitive skin. I'm going to use this in summer on my feet, as it will be perfect for summer sandals tootsies.


The Sacred Truth- Heaven

This is the anti ageing mask, but forget that because this should be a winner for all (take out the age thing, it makes us feel we can't use it without feeling old). This goes on like a dream no bits just nice and smooth, so I got a heap done while waiting the ten minutes the smell of the papaya and yoghurt makes me feel all dreamy. This left my skin so silky soft and again tight in a refreshed way, is was not harsh in any way. 

The cleansing clay and Shea butter give a perfect balance, it left my skin feeling really clean and detoxed but with out any dryness. This was so good, that when this pot runs out I plan to head straight to lush and get another I think this is well worth the money. My lines (not that there hugely bad) appear softer and my skin glows, even Barry asked me if I had switched my moisturiser (he noticed the difference) hands down winner for me. 

I hope this was helpful, don't forget it's the last day to enter the giveaway. So for your chance to win this fab shopAlike bag just comment and leave your email. (I must have your email or enter is void so much sure you leave it in at least one comment, THANKS).Thank you for all your comments on my latest posts, you lot are beyond amazing I just  love hearing all you have to say and I want to say THANK YOU !!!!! Hope you have a great weekend (you better).

Inside The Fitting Room #2

It's leopard print enough said !

As you know I went on a shopping trip to spend my birthday vouchers and that, so here is just some of what I got. Barry got me some vouchers for H&M and my mum (bless her) gave me money she is such a sweetheart. So I was so made up as I had not been shopping in forever, I am a shopper .... I need to shop it keeps my blood pumping through my veins. As I am currently over hauling my whole style, I just felt I needed a more grown up on the go wardrobe that I can just throw on and go. Plus I am already dreaming of summer days, anyway here is want I snapped up and I have some things I still may get their on the maybe list. I am happy with what I got they fit well and I can use them with some of the stuff I have already. 

I love this blue dove top, it is cropped so I got it a little oversized as I am not a huge fan of my tummy. I also got this leather looking skirt as I have never really worn brown, I think the brown will start replace a lot of the black, as it is easy to wear but it's something different.


I love this skirt it reminds me of Minnie Mouse but again it is in a grown up style, I loved the Christopher Kane S/S 2011 collection which had everything in these acid lace styles so I snapped this up.


This top is like a painting I love anything a little arty, but as part of a mature look it has a cleaner look than a lot of my past print style tops. I love the layers in colour and again it's a little cropped so again got it oversized, I just love it.


This is some of my haul, you will start seeing bits in outfit posts as I have already started wearing most of it. I CAN'T stop dreaming of summer, I just want to chuck on my sandals and throw my jackets to the back of the closet. I need long warm evenings and trips to the park for a picnic .....oh summer why aren't you here. What have you been dreaming of ?


I Cry, I Smile

I cry .......................
Because I feel I'm a bad mother sometimes,  I will shout and I don't mean to. Corben will play up and I feel overwhelmed and feel I can't cope I look at other mums and feel I'm not doing enough.

When people ask me about what I do, I get down at not having a job and feel constantly judged plus it means I can't do things that people invite me too sometimes. I look after Corben full time and help my mother (who's Bio polar)  my mum is great when she's well, but because of her illness it's hard when she gets unwell.

That my mum has this illness, she is such a great person and her illness has cost her everything. She deserves the world.

For Barry, I wish I could do more for him I hate having to ask him for things and I miss being able to surprise him with presents (like I use to), and  struggle to give him my time and having my own too. It's hard to try and juggle everything, I also hate seeing how talented he is in his photography and him not doing it full time.

I struggle to accept who I am, I was bullied when I was younger and have worked through so many issues I have BDD also know as Body Dysmorphic disorder, I struggle to find anything I like about myself and use to take hours to get ready and sometimes not go anywhere because I feel sick about myself. People think your vain and people stop inviting you places because they get sick of waiting, Barry gets angry because we waste a good day out.

Dyslexia (I even had to spell check that) I feel dumb and a lone, I hate when people correct me as it brings back memories of being made to read out loud at school (and being bullied). I have read one book from front to back, it makes me feel like a freak and I feel people look down on me. Word Nazi's have no idea how it feels to see what I do, people assume your lazy and thick it gets me down.

(Image: Mine)

I smile  ...............

That I have such an amazing son and feel that I can mother my own way, I must not compare I am my own person. Plus I don't know these women are better, they just SEEM better.

I have the time with my son and my mother, I should not take this time for granted it won't last forever. I'm sure once I'm back to work I will want this back, the grass is always greener on the other side and all that. My friends ARE supportive and the true ones understand that I don't always have the money or time. They surprise me and always make a huge fuss of me when we have a get together, they have to work and sometimes are wiped out but always make time to call or we meet up.

That I have my mother, yes she has this illness but she is still here and battles her demons. That she now has a gorgeous grandson the best gift I could ever give her.

That Barry and I are like any couple with kids, we must make time together and plan things to look forward to. One day when things are more sorted I hope me and Barry will both do our dream jobs, at least we are healthy and have each other.

Showing pictures of me on this blog, and talking with all you lovelies has shown me that you must accept and love who you are. If you don't embrace yourself no one will, after seeing other bloggers dealing with haters too makes me think 'Fuck The bullies!!!!' Yes FUCK YOU, the haters you are sad, bitter little people and you clearly have esteem issues yourself. No one will ever bring me down to my lowest point EVER again!

To my dearest word nazi, words are words let it go.

Be****se I ha*e h*d en**gh ! Th*s *s h** I s*E Yo8r le77er's and N8mb9ers so G5t ov0r i6 :P

Some of us have to work 24/7 to work out the never ending puzzle that is the written word (and numbers, plus some see in mirror image and even upside down), I'm not saying that us dyslexics don't care about what we write or that we don't read, we just don't need you to tell us about correcting every little thing the fact that some of us can write at all is such an achievement. If your my friend well that's different, a friend will tell you out of love not to be little you and act like their perfect, so if I don't know you kindly eat your words. If us dyslexics run the world and you had to read in our way, we would give you a chance, plus for the record we are not lazy or thick and we can be hugely successful just ask Sir Richard Branson .....yeah. I write this blog and tackle my dyslexia head on, it won't hold me back.

I am a mother, a good girlfriend, a loving friend and I am far from perfect. I am embracing who I am and I will never stop growing and pushing ideas, perceptions and questioning my judgement on things. 

So this is me. I want to say a huge thank you to Gem 'from with Gem with love' who always inspires me to not be scared of judgement, in real life you would know this about me, I am very up front and many would say blunt in real life I grew up damn quick, and learned that life is cruel and unfair so  if someone is good to you treasure it and sometimes question it. Also to Laura from 'a daisy chain dream' who is so open and honest about what she has been through, and has so much strength and puts herself out there instead of hiding away thank you. Also to you all for your support, and just because your name is not here does not mean you don't inspire me and make me smile or cry with things your blog's and things you share. Stay true to yourself my dears and stay strong xxxx

 For all my beautiful people, my family, friends you make me x


It's Raining Lush


So here's my haul, well I say haul more haul/bday gift's like I said my BFF Trish sent me some lush goodies for my birthday, one of my face mask's got throw out by accident so I popped into Lush to replace my Cosmetic Warrior. I also ended up getting The scared truth as well, as it is my all time favourite. Cos Warrior I will be using first for my spotty skin, oh yeah sorry Lush's face mask's are fresh so you have to keep them in the fridge anyway I will get to that. So firstly here is what Trish sent THANK YOU TRISH :( I miss her so (she lives in Australia) 

My Birthday Box Of Love
from Trish
So she got me Honey Farm and it's pack out with Pop corn ! How kooky and unique is that I loved it and had to resist eating it, in this gift you get all things honey so Honeybee, Honey I washed the kids, Ma bar and the amazing Flying fox with it's jasmine scent. This is full of all my favourites so a hands down winner, the soap is real creamy and the honey bee ballistic leaves you feeling like you could be spread on toast.  Ma bar is actual based on a Mar's so anything that is chocolate like needs no review MUST HAVE.

It's raining men shower gel
This shower gel is amazing and I don't even have a shower, it smells like a honey filled chocolate bar and left my skin so smooth and help sooth all the dry skin I had around my elbow and knees. It's great for you sensitive souls and you don't need a lot it also leaves the bathroom smelling lush too. I prefer it to soap as it's easy, and won't dry out plus you can recycle the bottle easy so win's my vote every time.

One For The Shower Peeps


The EX Factor Ballistic
Trish had read my post here, bless her and including a lot of what I wanted to try this included these guys. These were so good, they have no bits which I love (not a fan of things that take ages to get out the bath) and turned the water bright blue :) he fizzy well I don't like it when it's still frizzing as your getting out the bath. The smell was just divine I was so impressed with his musky scent, I felt fresh and like a mermaid in the water. well be stocking up on him and I love how cute they look, I have propped up his mate until I use him he is making our bedroom smell amazing.

If You Want A Quick Relax In The Bath


I have not tried my Magic Mushroom, but it smells unreal so not long before I do. I also got Cosmetic Warrior and Brazened Honey which I'm reviewing in another post. And here is what I got when I just was meant to replace my face mask. I got two space girls for my mum and blue skies for Barry. I got just the comforter for myself as Trish got me a heap, bless her it's all to have Lush in my bathroom again I'm not going mental on it but it's nice to have a stash for when I need a pick me up bath.


The Comforter
This has to be one of my all time favourites I love the colours and the smell just takes me over, it is this beautiful blackcurrant scent that fills every inch of you. You only need to crumble (under the hot tap) about a third of it in to get a thick creamy bubble bath and the water turns pink. I love this and it loves me too leaving my skin soft and smelling like ribena.

My Winner For A Relaxing Bath

Images:(all mine)


Getting Up Close & Personal At Topshop

Okay not like that, I'm talking about Topshop personal shoppers, as some of you may know I use to work for Topshop Oxford Circus and in all the time I had never tried it. I think like most girls you say to yourself 'I know what I like' and the idea of having a stylist pick out things can seem like a lack of belief in your own style. So when I headed into (old work) Topshop I was just going to try and search myself, but than I stopped and it hit me. I hate my style at the moment and although I don't want someone else style, someone else's ideas would be great we all take inspiration from somewhere don't we? 

So I headed over and asked if they could fit me in (usually it's best to book a head), lucky they did and I had Tess who is an old TS bud too PERFECT!  Tess has a wicked sense of style and is such a warm friendly girl, so I was happy to go with her ideas, the Topshop stylist gal's have styled Sarah Jessica Parker to Beyonce so your in safe hands. As I went in I  entered a place of calm and girly glam interiors, right away I was offered tea/coffee I opted for water (which is in the cute TS bottle) and in between trying clothing Tess gave me a mini cupcake (this is offered to everyone BTW, not because I'm old skool TS) so.....

I had already grabbed a few tops and a skirt I had seen on the way in, the only thing that I had been really struggling badly with was a good pair of jeans that would see me through the season. OMG did she find the most epic pair of jeans ever, she grabbed about five options but I was sold on the first pair she showed me 'They were the last pair' she said I think she saw the sparkle in my eye. 

There they were skinny black jeans with this wonderful lacy/snake print on them, I whipped them on and felt sexy but yet grown up. I had said to Tess about Corbie and how I usually am rushing around after him, and she got that I needed a comfortable non mumsy pair that fit in with my lifestyle. It's amazing how great it feels to have someone find that wardrobe changing item, it's weird because I can do that for other people but never thought of getting some style ideas myself. I think even if you have thee best style it really is such a great, feel good experience. I enjoyed being made a fuss of too, and knowing that Tess or the others may find something I did not see or would ever think of wearing.

So anyway Yes ! You may know about this service but do you really? It's free to book and great for anything from a night out party dress, to finding a perfect pair of work trousers. You get to be in a clam area with out all the madness and really take in what the clothing looks like, they offer a drink and a mini cupcake (I'm not sure if they have them all the time).
You can pay within the style advisor's section which is amazing, no queueing and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/mate with you there is a comfortable couch he can sit on while waiting for you. I am already planning to book at the start of February. Yep addictive so if you are in London (or the other places listed below) or coming for a visit than try it, Tess and Lauren are wicked but to be honest all the gal's have great fresh style. I found my I am over the moon that someone else found my perfect pair of jeans, maybe because we are so harsh on ourselves we don't pick certain things where as someone else can help dress us to be our best. Anyway Thank you Tess you made me and my Wardrobe very happy :)

P.S you will see the jeans soon in an outfit post or in my haul post that I will be doing soon.

We Are Sweet Junkies For Sweet Junkies


The lovely people at Sweet Junkie sent me some sweets to review, which I was more than happy about (I mean who doesn't like sweets) they have this great site which offers a huge selection of sweets/candy. Enough to bring anyone back to their childhood days, they have all the retro sweets you could wish for and also offer sugar free sweets. I always loved a pick and mix at the local corner shop as a kid, it was a great treat when mum picked me up from school and let me pick all my favourites. I use to love the smell of them all mixed together and all the colours and different tastes so when the box came and I opened it to find a mix of sweets I was more than happy.

Barry is helping me on this review (as he felt his expertise were needed) and it's always good to have someone with different taste's to me. They do ship world wide and I think it's a great idea as not everyone has these sweets available to them, some supermarkets may have some selection but sweet junkie has heaps. I think it would be a nice present to send someone as like I said they do sugar free too, I think my friends would love a package of sweets to turn up on their door (who wouldn't). 

So on to our Sweet's


I really enjoyed the Liquorice whirls which is funny because I hate Liquorice, they were soft and chewy and I actual thought they were toffee. I also really enjoyed the Aniseed balls, I loved aniseed as a kid so I grabbed them straight away, I prefer a sweet that lasts a while and these did. It started out as mild aniseed than got stronger so these were a winner. I would have preferred the apple bonbons to have toffee in them, and the rich tea perfections were not my cup of tea. I loved the Custard hard sweets they were the winner they had a tang to them at first my perfect sweet. 

Images: Mine

My view: I grabbed all the Liquorice ones like my life depended on it, I LOVE liquorice and the Liquorice comfits were so yummy I love the hard shell and biting through to get to the tasty liquorice middle. I think I polished off all the Apple bonbons, I love the taste of apple and it was very chewy without sticking in my teeth. I prefer chewy sweets to hard as I like to munch my way through different ones. The Liquorice whirls were really cool as they were such a groovy pattern as well as being surprisingly nice, the taste was so different I would love a jar of these to eat and to display.  

I would order from them as I do love a good mix of sweets, and like I said they would be great to send as a nice 'surprise' for a friend or family. Plus they have heaps of choice so there is something for everyone, the only thing I think that would be good is having labels telling you what's what, as if you were sending them to someone else they could see what their called (in case they want to get more) also because it's good to know if it's chewy, sweet, sour and also for the sugar free sweets. The shipping is also very well priced and they even have taken care of the V.A.T so well worth it.

Who needs sweet rehab, certainly not me (or Barry).