Is It Down The Back Of The Sofa


Jacket: Vero Moda
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bag: gift
Ring: gift

Why is it that you always misplace the same things. I always seem to misplace things I need, yet always have out of date train tickets in my purse and never have trouble finding things I don't wear (that don't fit me) but can never find my favourite cardigan. It's always my Tesco clubcard, the new can of deodorant I have just bought (these are still 'lost') and I know what will happen, I will have the Tesco card replaced and buy a new deodorant to come home and find them both. Also I hate when people suggest really stupid places, and you make a huge deal about the suggest place 'What! Your chatting shit' ...and than find the thing. 

But the most annoying thing about lost needed items are, they will ALWAYS be in the most obvious place possible. You will search high and low, all the while it being right in front of you arrrgghh. Sorry I'm a little O.C.D when it comes to my clubcard, I hate missing out on my points yes I am sad and of course I need deodorant or I will smell (currently borrowing Barry's, his not happy). I just don't get it, I have trained myself to have the 'usual' place to leave things in but I still manage to misplace something. 

On the other hand, there is finding things you forgot you had, which is really bad as this is a clear sign I have far too much haha. Anyway I found some cool jewellery I forgot I had, some of which Barry got me in Egypt so I am sooooo happy. Yeah my life is CRAZY exciting at the moment, Corben is still so ill so life is on hold once he is better me and Barry have planned to go out, so I promise not all my posts will be about lost crap. This was my outfit today I love my H&M top, leopard print makes me happy actual strike that makes me happy  makes everyone happy. Like I said I found some things so on with my ring and necklaces, I need to get better photo's of them because I have a bangle that is stunning that I must show you. Also I'm pleased to announce that after counting all your entries and using the very quick I have a winner, the winner is number 5! Toni well done, shopalike will be contracting you to send the bag directly to you, thank you to everyone who entered and I'm sure I will have some future giveaways. Also A HUGE THANK YOU for all your comments on my last post, glad you liked it.



  1. My flatmate told me to read this post because she said it sounded like I had written it, and I couldn't help but laugh about the out of date train tickets! I am an absolute nightmate when it comes to losing things and I wish there was some way to stop it! Though I am glad that there are others that suffer this dreadful affliction.

    I'm sorry to hear that Corben is ill, I hope that he is well again soon!


  2. I hate that feeling too, that's why I am extremely organized.. to the point that it can be annoying to other people!

    Get well soon, Corben!

    ***** Marie *****

  3. very cuteeee (:
    Lovely shoes dear!!!


  4. Those shoes are simply lovely darling and I also hate misplacing things, I can't rest until I find the thing I've lost, however I must say it's difficult to lose something in my house, everything is so organised and in place.

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  5. Cute outfit, looking lovely!
    I always misplace things too, soo frustrating!

    Sorry to hear Corben's ill again, hope he's better soon! x

  6. I love your outfit,

    and oh man, yessir, I always lose the things I need but find endless amounts of crap and forgotten things. Random sweets keep appearing in my room!

  7. I really like the colour in your outfit especially the top!

  8. i love ur top and how it mataches ur shoes which are amazing!!!
    I misplace things all the time too :( and tehe we didnt really leave early we went back after an hour or so but the weddding was mainly for the adults and they literally took over 4 hours just taking photos XD so we weren't needed

  9. You're right... leopard print really does make everyone happy. 'specially in pink love ;)

    I have the same problem with thinking I've put stuff in the right/obvious place then not being able to find it. I think I'm losing my mind!


  10. Well done Toni ^^
    and an i just say your nails are amazing i want mine like that!!!


  11. I'm always losing things too, especially the remote for the TV, it's so annoying.
    Lovely outfit, I love the top.

  12. well done to the winner! :) and like I said on twitter, hope you and the wee fella feel better soon <3 I know how you feel, I am dyslexic too and have bad anxiety when it comes to being organised, on time, memory, loosing things etc. if I dont write things down I completely forget about them :( and often leave stuff in friends or the boyfriends parents house and completely forget about them (clothes etc) so trying to keep mega organised is my way of keeping in control! :)

    Oh, and you look lovely as always in these pictures :) xx

  13. Gorgeous outfit! I love your top!

  14. Love your outfit!
    I really can recognize myself in what you've written... I am very organized too!


  15. I love love love those shoes! :D Very sweet!


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