Never Bring Me Hair Dye

Hat: Miss Selfridge
Top: Vintage
Jeans: Topshop
Jacket: Primark
Shoes: EBay
Bag: gift
Necklace: River Island

Have you lot seen the 'Nice and Easy' advert, I mentioned this on twitter the other day and I'm sorry to go on but WTF !!! I still can't get my head around it, plus it's kind of a real dig to women. I can't find a video of it yet, but when I do I will post it. The advert starts off with the girl who is starring into the mirror with a sad face (as you do, because lets face it when you have a little regrowth than what else could you possible do?!). Than her two 'friends' come round with a V.I.P pass for her (not sure what for, wouldn't get to excited love could just be for your mates boyfriends shit band) and wait for it a box of 'Nice and Easy' ....STOP RIGHT THERE. 

Okay so in reality if your friend brought round a box of hair dye 1. I bet it would be about ten shades to light/dark for your hair and 2. Why? No friend would  do this. I think in the advert she should have taken it to the bathroom and cried as she dyed her hair (in her white jumper no less) than looked in the mirror and realised that these girls weren't her friends. Your friends suggest and encourage you, not shovel a box of 'Nice and Easy' in your hand while flicking back their perfect hair. I mean if a 'friend' makes it her mission to dye your hair, before you leave on a night out your being dragged to than what's next ' wear this, with this and burn those shoes'.  I think what got under my skin is that someone who came up with this thought it made sense, have we became a generation of 'perfection' to the extent that not only do we seek it for ourselves but now everyone around us must 'fit in'. Okay I may sound crazy getting this from one advert, but if this is how 'Nice and Easy' See's use than who will be next to insult us.

I can safely say my friends have NEVER brought round something so ridiculous, a friend will bring a treat and never put pressure on you to try something. They encourage you and support you. ARE YOU LISTENING 'Nice and Easy'. Would you ever bring round your friend hair dye? Okay with my rant over today was so cold, so these photo's were taken at break neck speed as my mum was frozen. So sorry for there blurriness (I can't stand it ), anyway the giveaway end's at 12:00 I will be counting all the valid entries and than the winner will be picked at random so I will let you know ASAP. So final wore my new skinny black jeans, the ones I mention here and I think I will be living in them as they are so cool with the snake effect finish and comfortable. 

Corben is so ill at the moment he has a really bad cold, so my places of going out are on hold but in this weather I think I prefer being in anyway. I found my vintage green striped blouse and decided to give it a second chance, it has made it back to the keep pile but maybe seeing the EBay pile in the future. Sorry for the complete randomness of this post. So I hope you had a fab weekend and I really want to know. What advert gets under your skin?


  1. I LOVE that pinstripe shirt!! + that hat looks greaat on you, wish i suited hats! xx

  2. God there are so many adverts that get on my nerves, I wouldn't have enough time to say and I agree I don't get the Nice & easy ad. to be honest I don't take much notice of adverts.

  3. Lovely outfit i especially love the shoes! I haven't seen this advert but i shall certainly look out for it haha

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA this fucking cracked me up. I was watching it the other day, if someone bought me some hair dye I'd be like are you having a fucking jolly rodger?? Hahaha. Brilliant. Loads of adverts get on my nerves, especially that shitting GO compare one, I want to launch my tv everytime I hear it. P.s You look fit. Baiiiiiii xxxxx

  5. i would never bring my frens hair dye, but would totally be there for them as they make a choice of their own!

  6. Your outfit is really classy
    and woooo giveaway!!


  7. wow i love your outfit! i could never pull that hat off. you look sexy mama! <3

  8. i hate the mascara adverts that r filmed with lash inserts or the ones that only survery less than 50 women its like whaaaa!! your a million company brand im sure they can fork out fora 1000 people to survery the product :/ and i would only buy a box of dye if they asked me to XD

  9. Haha I never thought of it like that, I have yet to see the ad!

    You look stunning as usual doll! The shirt and shoes are to DIE for!

    Hope youre well :) xx

  10. Love the outfit, especially the shoes! I've not seen that advert but it sounds utterly ridiculous. Sally x

  11. On the note of the nice and easy advert, a 'friend' of mine once gave me some brown hair day, because apparently my hair colour is not cool. Needless to say we are not friends anymore. I thought it was horrible, however i guess it's not as bad that advert where the 'friend' makes the effort to bring it around! Truly awful.
    I really like your shirt! I love that it's bright, and I'm glad that you got the perfect pair of jeans :)

  12. If a friend got me a box of hair dye, I'd wonder what they're too scared of telling me about my hair.

  13. My friend once bought me hair dye, but only because I was in hospital and I'd asked her too ;)

    Love your outfit! You have such amazing style x

  14. lovely bag and shoes!
    and god, that adverts annoyig :/

  15. Ahhahaaa.... you do make me laugh!! I agree that is a totally stupid advert. Love your shoes - I have some in black that I wear all the time cause they're soo comfy. x

  16. I love your outfit, the hat and blazer are amazing :D
    I haven't seen this advert yet but my word it sounds irritating, I don't do a lot to my hair so most people think i want some tips, which annoys me like mad haha!!!

  17. Such a gorgey gorge outfit as always! And while we're on the topic, you hair looks fabulous too!

    I've never brought my friends hairdye but when i was a teenager and was dying my hair ridiculous colours like pink and green my mum would turn up with a box of black dye every few weeks. A subtle hint that never worked! :P

  18. I haven't seen the ad but my answer is no, I wouldn't bring my friend a box of hair dye but I will help them pick out a shade if they ask me to.

    I like the camel bag and shoes!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. Thats hilarious. Haven't seen the ad at all, but I love your response to it. I think you should definitely send Nice n' Easy an email with a link to this post :)

  20. this outfit's amazing! you look great!
    i thought i'd let you know i have an award for you in my blog. if you have time, it's here

  21. I think this is my fave outfit of yours so far! Really cool.

    Havent seen the advert will have to keep my eye ut for it!



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