A Face Full Of Fresh

So I told you a while ago that I would be doing a face mask review so here it is, this first bunch are fresh face mask from Lush but I will also be reviewing some non fresh masks in another post. So here's just a little about what 'Fresh' is, as these face masks are made of fresh fruit and oils and lots of other lush stuff they need to be keep chilled. So you need to keep them in the fridge, they will usual only last for a few weeks so one for the month is the best option. 

You get enough in each pot for about 4  applications so once a week is perfect, you don't need to slap heaps on (after all if it's not touching your skin, than it won't do anything) so a nice even layer is perfect. All the masks are pricey at around £5 a pop, I know this is because of the oils (as they are expensive and even a little can be pricey) but I still feel that they could be around the £3 /£4 pounds mark. 

If you bring back 5 fresh face mask pots you get one fresh face mask free, so if you have heaps of money it can work haha okay so maybe this is more a long term thing. I have 4 so almost there and than I get a pot free (come summer), I know Mac runs a similar thing with their pots so this is nice for face mask addicts.

On to the masks ........


Cosmetic Warrior- The superhero

This face mask smells so bad, it's all the garlic inside but if it zaps my spot's I don't care. So it goes on pretty softy and I can move about with easy, once I have washed it off my skin feels a lot cleaner it's a little tight (this is from the fresh free range eggs) but not in a bad way. The next day my spots have reduced by half, and my skin feels and looks a lot clearer and  the day after that the spots  have almost gone. My skin felt a little dry after, but I think this is because it's drying out the spots. I think this is perfect for an out break, and also if you have overly oily skin. I would not get this for a treat as it's more of a rescue mask plus it has Tea tree so does the trick, I do love it and will us it when my skin needs saving from spots. 


Oatfix- The oh why
This was thee WORST one , I was looking forward to it as it's for dry skin but it was awful. Firstly it was a pain to get on my skin, it fall off all over the place so a huge no no I like to have a tidy when I have a mask on.  It was like having my breakfast (that's the oats inside) on my face, it smelt nice but felt pointless I gave it another try. My skin felt no different and I washed my face straight after, with my nivea wash as it felt so grim. I was let down because seeing ingredients like banana and vanilla it sounded yummy, nope one to avoid.


Brazened Honey- The wow I have a new face
Not one for you sensitive type's that is for sure, this mask goes on smooth but washing it off is like having your face blasted with a brush. It smells good and you feel it gets into every little nook, I love how fresh my skin felt and it cleared all the dead skin away. It left my skin glowing and I even got asked the next day if I'd had a facial, the ground almond shell just powers through everything and the fresh lime just gets rid of that dullness. This surprised me as I really enjoyed the full on effects, I did have to leave it a while before applying anything to my skin after but WOW this is better than a face peel. Great for dull winter skin, not so good for the overly dry and a no no for sensitive skin. I'm going to use this in summer on my feet, as it will be perfect for summer sandals tootsies.


The Sacred Truth- Heaven

This is the anti ageing mask, but forget that because this should be a winner for all (take out the age thing, it makes us feel we can't use it without feeling old). This goes on like a dream no bits just nice and smooth, so I got a heap done while waiting the ten minutes the smell of the papaya and yoghurt makes me feel all dreamy. This left my skin so silky soft and again tight in a refreshed way, is was not harsh in any way. 

The cleansing clay and Shea butter give a perfect balance, it left my skin feeling really clean and detoxed but with out any dryness. This was so good, that when this pot runs out I plan to head straight to lush and get another I think this is well worth the money. My lines (not that there hugely bad) appear softer and my skin glows, even Barry asked me if I had switched my moisturiser (he noticed the difference) hands down winner for me. 

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  1. lol i bought dozens of face mask but is always to lazy to use them

    anyway !!! I MISS U !! still remember me?

    its been a while

    how's life???

    Happy New Year ! sorry i have been away for so long seems like i missed out dozens of your new posts :(

    with love


  2. Thanks for the heads up on these facemasks, will definitely look into them, :) xx

  3. wow, i'm so glad that you've done a review on all of them because i've seen them before and didn't know which to go for (especially with them being a fiver) :/
    but thankyou, i'll deffo be visiting a Lush store soon to get my hands one the last one you reviewed!! :))

  4. I'm so tempted to get the first and the last, I think my skin really needs these at the moment.

    I've tried the Cupcake mask. It smells gorgeous and make my skin feel really clean and fresh but it made me quite red in places.

    Hope you have a great weekend! xxx

  5. Oh brill reviews! I have never tried any Lush facemasks, I do agree they are expensive. But if I do treat myself one day I will def get that last one!! x

  6. Wow great post! I know what you mean when you talk about the Oatifix falling off in clumps, I had that with the Cupcake one, really annoying!


  7. so gutted to be allergic, I used to love their face masks!

  8. thank you so much for these reviews girlie, I am wanting to get a facemask and had no idea where to start! Just been catching up on your past posts, I hope your wee boy feels better soon :( and gee, you look absolutely gorgeous in your fitting room pics in the last post! you are fierce! ;) xx

  9. This is hands down the BEST mask you can get for breakouts and irritation. I cannot rave enough. I use in in conjunction with Cupcake. It treats acne in literally hours and prevents new ones from forming. It reduces cystic acne drastically, completely clears away whiteheads and redheads. I have been using it for about 2 years now and I got used to the smell. Garlic is an extremely powerful antibacterial, antibiotic and antiviral agent and combined with tea tree oil, it is like acne warfare. Sometimes I get breakouts from my heroic cosmetic adventures and I immediately rush for my emergency stash. In a few hours, my skin is restored to a healthy glow and all breakouts are gone.


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