Inside The Fitting Room #2

It's leopard print enough said !

As you know I went on a shopping trip to spend my birthday vouchers and that, so here is just some of what I got. Barry got me some vouchers for H&M and my mum (bless her) gave me money she is such a sweetheart. So I was so made up as I had not been shopping in forever, I am a shopper .... I need to shop it keeps my blood pumping through my veins. As I am currently over hauling my whole style, I just felt I needed a more grown up on the go wardrobe that I can just throw on and go. Plus I am already dreaming of summer days, anyway here is want I snapped up and I have some things I still may get their on the maybe list. I am happy with what I got they fit well and I can use them with some of the stuff I have already. 

I love this blue dove top, it is cropped so I got it a little oversized as I am not a huge fan of my tummy. I also got this leather looking skirt as I have never really worn brown, I think the brown will start replace a lot of the black, as it is easy to wear but it's something different.


I love this skirt it reminds me of Minnie Mouse but again it is in a grown up style, I loved the Christopher Kane S/S 2011 collection which had everything in these acid lace styles so I snapped this up.


This top is like a painting I love anything a little arty, but as part of a mature look it has a cleaner look than a lot of my past print style tops. I love the layers in colour and again it's a little cropped so again got it oversized, I just love it.


This is some of my haul, you will start seeing bits in outfit posts as I have already started wearing most of it. I CAN'T stop dreaming of summer, I just want to chuck on my sandals and throw my jackets to the back of the closet. I need long warm evenings and trips to the park for a picnic .....oh summer why aren't you here. What have you been dreaming of ?


  1. Oh Law! I love the lacey skirt! Everyone knows to give me something with lace and I'll surely go ga-ga over it! <3

    The first top is interesting. It can possibly be a conversation starter.

    I'm glad you finally got some shopping again. You seemed like you were weakening without all the spending. lol.

    Belated Happy Birthday and as you say, lots of loveage! <3

  2. I love the red dress! Its so pretty. The designs on the shirts look so unique as well.

  3. u look amazing in that red lace skirt!

  4. You look fantastic! That sunset print top and the dove top are AMAZING! Love that bright red skirt too! I got some H&M vouchers for my birthday that I'm going to spend tomorrow and this has made me even more excited about shopping!

  5. Cute shirt!
    Loveeee love love the red skirt <33


  6. great purchases! i want!!

    bird top is my fav xx

  7. I love H&M clothes! They're so simple but really pretty! I wish summer would come sooner too =( sick of wearing ten pounds of clothes!

  8. you got some really lovely things :) i really like the bird print top! x x

  9. I want your gorgeous figure lady!! Love all of what you got, esp that red lace skirt!

  10. i love the little birdie top! i went to h&m the other day but didnt spot it, i hope it comes in soon! the shape of the orange skirt is loevly on you too x

  11. I love everything especially that red skirt. You look amazing!

  12. good lord you look amazing in that red skirt! Also loving the bird tee!

  13. i really love the top with the sunset on it, that is just mega. if i was a girl i'd bag that.

    i've been thinking about boots lately...been looking for new ones for ages but i'm too picky

  14. Love this kind of post! The red skirt make you look hot!!!

  15. I'm not a fan of orange clothes but that skirt looks fab on you ! Also love the dove top, very pretty.

    Rachelle Xxx

  16. i love everything esp the bird print blouse

    why we dont H&M here whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy haha

  17. haha like everyone else I ADORE that red skirt - a bold piece but you can defo pull it off sista! Very Kane 2011, you're totally right x

  18. The acid bright (orange colour?) lace skirt is one of my favourite things that I've seen in ages! And it really suits you, you look lovely in it :)
    I really like the pattern on the t-shirt too, but I'd probably want it to be in a normal length. The last time I wore a cropped tee somebody asked if it had shrunk in the wash.
    I'm glad you had a good birthday with your family, your little boy is so lucky to have a mum like you.
    P.S. I don't really have long legs, the camera apparently likes making my legs look longer instead of doing decent lighting - I'm only 5'6" :|

  19. I really love the first top and the lace skirt!
    Nice blog!


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