I Whip My Hair Back ....


Jumper: Toshop
Tee: Amplified
Skirt H&M
Boots: Primark
Scarf: Gift

Not because I'm fierce like Willow Smith, not even to look sexy. Nope if i don't whip my hair at the moment I end up choking on it, mainly when I'm carrying shopping home from the supermarket it seems my hair just can't keep out of my mouth. I think I'm going to have to brave the hairdressers. If you have not heard me moaning about this, than you should know that I HATE getting my hair cut. I fear it like people fear the dentist, I 've had that many shit hair cuts that I no longer trust anyone who has scissors near my head. I have managed to avoid one for almost three years, but my mane is limp and mangled and hangs sadly from my head. 

Me and my hair have never got on, it wants to go one way while I endless force it to go another. I have dyed the hell out of it,  and use to kill it further with the hairdryer and other hair torture. When I was pregnant it was glossy thick and almost perfect, after he was born my body ( like every women after pregnancy) goes back to normal with the hair regular shedding. which meant I was left with heaps of turfs, so the idea of someone making me look even more of a twat (yeah having little turfs down your centre parting looks so cool).

So now that my hair has grown out more, I have gotten to the point where they will have to hack it off and not even my fear can change my mind. Trust me I will have to gear my self up and just breath in deep, I will be grasping a picture of how I would like my hair for dear life and fingers, toes and eyelashes crossed it won't look totally shit.

So I hope that like Willow I will be flicking it around with joy, I may get funny looks and the police may be called to remove me from the street but once it's cut I will be whipping it if it doesn't go terrible wrong and I end up with a bald scalp wish me luck. Do you have a strange fear of something?



  1. I feel your pain. I am fearful of the hairdressers too. Mainly because they make me look stupid, but also because I get lectured about bleaching my hair when usually there is a yellow-headed, far too tanned woman cutting my hair. At least I know what toner is for!!!

    Sorry for the mini-rant. :P xxx

  2. Babes you should talk to Ad's and go where he works! I was going to send you there as your chrissy present but it was too hard to work it out if I can't drag you there myself hahaha but deff talk to Adam xxxx

  3. haha thank you Trish :( I miss you. Don't worry Barry is treating me :P

  4. "not because i'm fierce like willow smith" -- that made me laugh! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Hairdressers always do what they want,that's a universal law XDDDD I hate it! That's because it was ages since I cut my hair last time,my current objetive is let it grow loooong.

    Also,red suits you so well!

  6. I love your scarf!!!!
    You always have cute colors on you, so jealous!
    I have a fear of freaking birds.. don't ask why.. I just do. I cannot see one without getting goose bumps.

  7. I'm totally with you with the hair thing! I'm getting mine cut short next week too because I'm so fed up with how limp and lifeless mine looks all the time! And I'd also much rather sit in the dentists chair than visit the hairdressers. Don't worry too much though, you'd look beautiful no matter what your hair looked like x

  8. I love your makeup in these!! And that wonderful jacket <3 Can I has? haha

    Ellone :*

  9. Hehe I used to love going to the hairdressers - but now I just tend to cut it myself, thats how cheap I am!

  10. Ha, lolling at the tufts that appear after babies - as if we're not already feeling selfconscious and hormonal enough, we get freaky hair! Lucky us. Everything crossed for a foxy hair cut - I'm sure you'll be fine. Hope you're gonna show us? xx

  11. I HATE having my hair cut too, which is sad because I really want to try new styles but I freak out when anyone is near my head?! Random haha. I did let a student nurse cut my hair in the hospital but I was so out of it I don't even remember (hence letting a student nurse cut it in the first place?!)

    Gosh, rambling. LOVE your scarf xx

  12. Great outfit! My fears are of pigeons and wasps/bees which isn't very strange really! My boyfriend is scared of air freshner bottles though!

  13. lol i told my mum trim my hair before uni and she was like o.0 i normally would shed blood be getting my hair cut but i just realise it would do me good. you could try looking at it that way.
    I fear clowns which i was told the other day was totally logical haha


  14. I love that scarf! So fun. I haven't cute my hair in over 2 years...I WANT to get it cut, but I also don't want to because it never looks good until it's grown out a bit from the layers and what not...maybe I just don't know the right kind of haircut to get. :/ But I feel your pain.

    xox Courtney Michele


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