Wishing I Was Swedish

Images: Topshop

Being naught I was having a look over on Topshop site , yes I have no money and yes I love to torture myself I'm ill and can't do much. I wish I had this whole new collection in my wardrobe, it's called 'Swedish Summer' ( so think lay back chic looking effortless and living in IKEA showroom ...okay maybe not) , it has this cooler than cool feel I know if I was to try and rock half of this I would look like a little deranged. 

Still may have to get some and risk it, I am in love with the scallop shorts and I do love a mix of denim and all these wonderful prints. This collection is very folksy but some how just a little more edgy (as most swedish people are beyond cool) . I am totally in love with the dip dye hair too, I would love to try it but again I know mine would just look a tad mental. I am so, so ill, and wishing I could do outfits but I don't think anyone needs to see me in jammies. When I feel better I will be getting my hair cut and going shopping, so except to see what's on display and weather my hair gets hacked off. What do you think about the collection?

Hope your having a great week, thank you for all your comments and if you have any requests of what else you would like to see on my blog let me know. I will be doing some posts on outfit inspiration, and showcasing some cool new online shops so don't worry ill or not you will have plenty to read. Come talk to me on twitter would love to hear from you x


  1. such exotic patterns and shape! i love it!

  2. I'm rather disappointed with this collection actually as it isn't a style that I would choose to wear however I'm sure it'll look fabulous on other fashionistas ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  3. It's not how I typically dress, but I'd certainly sport a few of those pieces, especially the scalloped shorts. I just can't do the denim romper thing though...

  4. Wow check out the colours! It's not really a collection that I could see myself wearing but I can definitely see the potential!!

    Love the dip dye ends too. Hope you feel better soon love! Colds/Flu are awful!

  5. I dont want the blue shorts. I NEED it!!!!!!!
    I got to book a ticket to London asap!

  6. not that fussed about all this really, bit floaty for my taste. i like the colours though. "..I...KEA that's good"


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