The Colour Block Kid



So I'm still ill but that does not stop me dreaming of Summer, which in turn gets me thinking of colour blocking. I love this 'trend' to be honest it's not a trend I think colour block is more a way of life for a lot of people. I think with my over haul on my wardrobe, colour block has given me the power to minims my style to create a throw it on feel. As I have said in past posts I take forever to get ready, so anything that you can piece together within less than half an hour means I have more time to actual do what I need, and to be were I want. For now as it is too cold to wear light fabric, so for now colour block is happening with in my accessories and on my nails. 

I just adore the Christopher Kane collection, and really want to make my own D.I.Y neon lace jacket and skirt. I was lucky to found this skirt at H&M, but there does not seem to be much on the high street yet, so hopeful come spring summer the shops will start to give use some wild neon clothing and shoes please I need neon shoes.

Come summer I will be wearing pop/ clash colours, I am so looking forward to hot days and the smell of fresh cut grass, ice cream and taking Corben to the park for his first picnic. I think bright colours and summer go hand in hand for me, and being wrapped up in a blanket right now feeling like death warmed up dreaming of summer is getting me through. So I hope you are all well, the flu seems to be going around but OMG Barry made me a heart shaped money box which I will show you in another post, I cried it's so cute. Anyway hugs to you all and it's almost the weekend thank goodness. What colours will you be wearing this Spring/ Summer?

Colour Block For Spring/ Summer


Jacket and Heels from River Island
Vest from Topshop
Skirt from Topshop
Pumps & Bracelet from H&M
Crop top from H&M
Necklace from Harajuku Lovers


  1. I never considered color blocking with these colors but they're so pretty that I'm gonna have to try this out! I was thinking (before reading this post) that I would wear tons of light colors like white, ivory, tan, etc considering that winter has been so dreadful and dark.

  2. love color block! my fav color these days seem to be green though!

  3. this post just made me SO EXCITED for summer! i already have my spring wardrobe wating! haha! lovely little blog :) xxxxx

  4. Lovely blog and post, dear<3 Hope to see you on my blog. You are also welcome to follow<3

  5. I love those nails! So fun. I also love bright colors, and mixing colors that don't "go together."

    xox Courtney Michele

  6. I LOVE your nails. Its very refreshing to see such bold and beautiful colours i can't wait until summer :)

  7. i always say no colour but i have some mega bright shirts i always wear, usually turqouise/red/red mixed with navys/greys and browns

  8. I love it and I am so excited that bright colours are back in! I can't wait to buy some neon makeup.

  9. Oh lord. Now I cant wait till summer!! I am already picking up yellow, orange and skyblue items!! Cant wait to wear them!

  10. I'm loving the big colour trend at the moment!

  11. Your nails are lovely, i love the pinky lilac ones with the stars!!

  12. Amazing post, those nails are perfect! I think I'll be rocking bright pinksss! x


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