It's All About The B12


Hat & Top : Miss Selfridge
Snood and Jacket : Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Nails: Nails Inc, Barry M

So I had a mini break from blogging just to rest up, I feel rough still as my iron levels  dropped again (don't worry taking B12 and seeing the doctor again soon). Anyway in better news, I won Laura's giveaway from ' A Daisy Chain Dream' (the Girls with Attitude giveaway) so I have loads of lovely lashes and nail art to play with soon. So nothing major been happening, just trying to rest ..Ooow I saw Black Swan and was blown away a must see for everyone, it's an instant cult classic for me and can't wait to add it to my other Darren Aronofsky films, like 'Requiem For A Dream' and 'The Fountain' actual I  have most of his films.

So my outfit's these days, are more about keeping the heat as it is unbelievable cold here in London. So a hat and snood are a must, I'm being good this month and not getting any clothes. I was going to but really need to sort out what I have first, or I'll end up with a load of mismatch stuff plus buying summer clothing now is a tad depressing and unrealistic as there is a while yet before we see any sun. I won't rant on so here is a little bit of my take on Black Swan (don't worry I'm not a movie killer). The film is very dark (like most of Darren's films),  and the story of the Black Swan brings to light the real Nina (Natalie Portman) and her struggle with her reality. As the daughter of an ex dancer she carries the blame of ending her mother's career, so when Beth (Winona Ryder) the leading lady of the production, is being given the boot it seems that Nina's dream has come true. 

Only there's a problem Nina is perfect for the White Swan role, but needs to master the seduction and magnetic force of the other. As she pushes her sweet nature to embrace the Black Swan, in fear that her role will be stolen by Lily (Mila Kunis) Nina's dark side becomes more unpredicted. Thomas (Vincent Cassel)  her teacher is starting to have doubts that she can let go to become the Black Swan, and encourages her to embody it as Lily does 'look how she dances, she's not faking it' which only fuels Nina to think that ultimately Lily will destroy her.

Is Lily after her? Why did Thomas cast her? Will she get to perform? Who is the real Black Swan?............Watch it and see.



  1. nice outfit! i like your coat and nails

  2. Rest up! I hope you feel better soon. It sucks being sick and Im sure its hard with a little one to watch after.
    I saw the movie a few weeks ago but was so tired and fell asleep (at home not at the theater thankfully). I totally missed the end. I need to watch it again.
    Love the outfit, especially the scarf!

  3. Yup its freezing:P
    Were did you get the boots they're lovely :)


  4. you look great! i loved black Swan too! :) xx

  5. You look stunning, cute hat!
    I hope you feel better soon :)
    Ooooh i really want to see Black Swan, it looks so good and i've seen so many good reviews! xx

  6. oh i love ur hat and everyone gets such amazing coats from Primark Im so jeaslous! I think there is a sailor one there now which is so cute i want it XD

    oh I really want to watch black swan :( and congrats on winning the giveaways!

  7. You look stunning! I really want to go and see Black Swan

  8. Oh I just loved this film. Loved the confusion, the darkness and the strangeness.

  9. i love your boots! combat boots on woman are so sexy. i have a pair >:)

  10. loving this colourful outfit, and that hat! you look so adorable
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  11. that's a pretty snazberry hat you got yourself there, you don't see many of them, well i don't. nice one!

  12. Just saw Black Swan....EPIC!!!


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