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The lovely people at Sweet Junkie sent me some sweets to review, which I was more than happy about (I mean who doesn't like sweets) they have this great site which offers a huge selection of sweets/candy. Enough to bring anyone back to their childhood days, they have all the retro sweets you could wish for and also offer sugar free sweets. I always loved a pick and mix at the local corner shop as a kid, it was a great treat when mum picked me up from school and let me pick all my favourites. I use to love the smell of them all mixed together and all the colours and different tastes so when the box came and I opened it to find a mix of sweets I was more than happy.

Barry is helping me on this review (as he felt his expertise were needed) and it's always good to have someone with different taste's to me. They do ship world wide and I think it's a great idea as not everyone has these sweets available to them, some supermarkets may have some selection but sweet junkie has heaps. I think it would be a nice present to send someone as like I said they do sugar free too, I think my friends would love a package of sweets to turn up on their door (who wouldn't). 

So on to our Sweet's


I really enjoyed the Liquorice whirls which is funny because I hate Liquorice, they were soft and chewy and I actual thought they were toffee. I also really enjoyed the Aniseed balls, I loved aniseed as a kid so I grabbed them straight away, I prefer a sweet that lasts a while and these did. It started out as mild aniseed than got stronger so these were a winner. I would have preferred the apple bonbons to have toffee in them, and the rich tea perfections were not my cup of tea. I loved the Custard hard sweets they were the winner they had a tang to them at first my perfect sweet. 

Images: Mine

My view: I grabbed all the Liquorice ones like my life depended on it, I LOVE liquorice and the Liquorice comfits were so yummy I love the hard shell and biting through to get to the tasty liquorice middle. I think I polished off all the Apple bonbons, I love the taste of apple and it was very chewy without sticking in my teeth. I prefer chewy sweets to hard as I like to munch my way through different ones. The Liquorice whirls were really cool as they were such a groovy pattern as well as being surprisingly nice, the taste was so different I would love a jar of these to eat and to display.  

I would order from them as I do love a good mix of sweets, and like I said they would be great to send as a nice 'surprise' for a friend or family. Plus they have heaps of choice so there is something for everyone, the only thing I think that would be good is having labels telling you what's what, as if you were sending them to someone else they could see what their called (in case they want to get more) also because it's good to know if it's chewy, sweet, sour and also for the sugar free sweets. The shipping is also very well priced and they even have taken care of the V.A.T so well worth it.

Who needs sweet rehab, certainly not me (or Barry).


  1. omg i love sweets, i would much rather munch of jellies and sweets than chocolate any day!!!!

  2. MMM those looks so yummy! great pictures too!

  3. this totally brings me back to my childhood! i love sweets!

  4. this post is making me happy, all the bright colors :D

  5. OMG what a yummy post,this makes me hungry!!! XD

  6. OMG what a yummy post,this makes me hungry!!! XD

  7. those licorice whirls looks delicious. nomnomnom x

  8. oh noo i'm jealous. i want to play around with candies too.

  9. That is so cool!!! How could you possibly resist, I do love an old fashioned bag of sweets x

  10. oh so lovely! sweets are the treatss! such a fantastic blog! i'm so glad i dropped by for a visit after finding your blog! excellent posts and awesome photography(:



  11. Yummy! Me and the boyfriend were just talking about our favourite retro sweets last night. :D I may be tempted to order some. xxx

  12. Are Fine, because the picture looks very good.


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