Rainy Birthday

 Dress: Orion
Jumper: Charity shop
boots: Primark
Snood: ASOS

I got a really cute heart ring from Accessorize I will have to show you in my other post :)
How cute are their displays I wanted everything.

Hello my dears so glad to be back, feels like forever since I have even been near my laptop and I was overwhelmed by all your lovely Birthday messages for me. Thank you so much :) Here are some pictures of our day, it was raining but that didn't stop it from being a great day apart from just giving me very frizzy hair so I used my snood as a hood.

I had an amazing Birthday one of my best friends sent me a huge box of Lush stuff (I am currently working on a review of everything), and she's all the way in Australia so Thank you Trish, my mum gave me money and Barry got me vouchers so I could go on a mini spree. On my Birthday I just had a nice chilled day with Baz and Corbie, we just walked along Tower Bridge and had Nando's (which I LOVE) and laughed at Corbie making faces while eating his frozen yogurt soo cute. It rained but it was still a really lovely day, it was great to be out as a family and let Corbie have  fun stomping through the puddles. 

Barry took Corbie out Thursday for a Father and Son day, so I could go on a long over due Me and shopping trip day (which I have photos of ;P). I got some fab things to start my NEW wardrobe with, if you are a new reader, I have been on a mission to completely over haul my style and dress for who I am now (I have had the same look for years, want a chic look now). So it seems to be non stop raining, which is no good when you want to shop in Brick lane, so am leaving it till the start of next month. So anyway there will be loads of great posts to look forward to I promise and Thank You again for your support. Hope you lot are well, and I will be reading up on all your latest blog posts so give me a a little time and I will be back on track. xx


  1. Glad you had a lovely day! It sounded great. Ooo, i want to see this ring :) xxxxxxx

  2. Awww it looks like you had a great birthday. The pictures are beautiful.

  3. That's so beautiful! I would love to go there someday. :)

    Now that's a birthday outfit! I'm glad you had a wonderful time out.

    It was sweet of your friends from Aussie to give you such a cute package! You have great friends! <3

    Happy Birthday, mama!

  4. Happy birthday hun, looks like you had a fantastic time despite the rain! Your skirt/dress is amazing, and your little boy is too cute! .x

  5. Congratulations!
    I chose you for the stylish blogger award. Visit my blog to find out more details and get the opportunity to pass it on!


  6. You look great - the skirt on that dress is fantastic! And your little boy is gorgeous, awh.

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  7. i lvoe the stripes ^^ i need to raid ur wardrobe :p i hope u had a great day :) oh i wanna see the ring ;)

  8. it's good to know you had an awesome birthday! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Glad you had a great birthday. Corbie is soo cute.
    That store window screams my name. I want to travel to the UK for that store alone!!

  10. I love those kind of days - I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday. Dying to see what you spent you birthday money/vouchers on...looking forward to that post :) xx

  11. Glad you had a good day even with the rain :)x

  12. I think these Pictures sum up the British weather at the moment. It's so rainy and windy.
    So glad you enjoyed your Birthday.

  13. Happy birthday. Wonderful London, I also want to be there.

  14. Looks like an awesome day out wonderful pictures :)



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