Getting Up Close & Personal At Topshop

Okay not like that, I'm talking about Topshop personal shoppers, as some of you may know I use to work for Topshop Oxford Circus and in all the time I had never tried it. I think like most girls you say to yourself 'I know what I like' and the idea of having a stylist pick out things can seem like a lack of belief in your own style. So when I headed into (old work) Topshop I was just going to try and search myself, but than I stopped and it hit me. I hate my style at the moment and although I don't want someone else style, someone else's ideas would be great we all take inspiration from somewhere don't we? 

So I headed over and asked if they could fit me in (usually it's best to book a head), lucky they did and I had Tess who is an old TS bud too PERFECT!  Tess has a wicked sense of style and is such a warm friendly girl, so I was happy to go with her ideas, the Topshop stylist gal's have styled Sarah Jessica Parker to Beyonce so your in safe hands. As I went in I  entered a place of calm and girly glam interiors, right away I was offered tea/coffee I opted for water (which is in the cute TS bottle) and in between trying clothing Tess gave me a mini cupcake (this is offered to everyone BTW, not because I'm old skool TS) so.....

I had already grabbed a few tops and a skirt I had seen on the way in, the only thing that I had been really struggling badly with was a good pair of jeans that would see me through the season. OMG did she find the most epic pair of jeans ever, she grabbed about five options but I was sold on the first pair she showed me 'They were the last pair' she said I think she saw the sparkle in my eye. 

There they were skinny black jeans with this wonderful lacy/snake print on them, I whipped them on and felt sexy but yet grown up. I had said to Tess about Corbie and how I usually am rushing around after him, and she got that I needed a comfortable non mumsy pair that fit in with my lifestyle. It's amazing how great it feels to have someone find that wardrobe changing item, it's weird because I can do that for other people but never thought of getting some style ideas myself. I think even if you have thee best style it really is such a great, feel good experience. I enjoyed being made a fuss of too, and knowing that Tess or the others may find something I did not see or would ever think of wearing.

So anyway Yes ! You may know about this service but do you really? It's free to book and great for anything from a night out party dress, to finding a perfect pair of work trousers. You get to be in a clam area with out all the madness and really take in what the clothing looks like, they offer a drink and a mini cupcake (I'm not sure if they have them all the time).
You can pay within the style advisor's section which is amazing, no queueing and if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/mate with you there is a comfortable couch he can sit on while waiting for you. I am already planning to book at the start of February. Yep addictive so if you are in London (or the other places listed below) or coming for a visit than try it, Tess and Lauren are wicked but to be honest all the gal's have great fresh style. I found my I am over the moon that someone else found my perfect pair of jeans, maybe because we are so harsh on ourselves we don't pick certain things where as someone else can help dress us to be our best. Anyway Thank you Tess you made me and my Wardrobe very happy :)

P.S you will see the jeans soon in an outfit post or in my haul post that I will be doing soon.


  1. aw lovely post hunny :)
    do you have to pay for it- and if so how much?
    Def may think about doing this, possibly when I lose some of my excess weight xx

  2. oh i never knew they did personal appointments thats so cool! and i think having someone else choose or suggest different clothes make u open ur style and mind a bit more ^^ thats what happens when i go shopping with my mum or family :p

  3. @steph0188 no it's a free service :) which is amazing, I think a lot of people assume it's for the mega rich or just V.I.P's. I think it's also great if you have a birthday for a friend ..find out when they are free buy a gift card and book them in, they will love it. I feel so special and you don't have to buy heaps.
    I spent more than I was going to because the jeans were just so perfect, do it hun you will love it and don't worry about the weight, they will find the perfect pieces to make you look and feel fab xxxx

    Yeah it is like having a mate around :) It's great if your really fed up with what you have like I was, I needed to have a fresh view.

    defo try it :P ladies so much fun.

  4. Omg!!

    Is so perfect. I loved <33

    a big hug dear :)

  5. Ah I am so amazed to read about your positive experience! I think you're right that sometimes you need a pair of fresh eyes to help you shop. Love your photos too- looks like a lovely tranquil space away from the crazy TS Oxford Circus shoppers!

    I couldn't even imagine working for the branch- must have been mad working there back in the day!

    So looking forward to checking out your new jeans too!

  6. ooh, they do this at a store in australia too (as we dont have topshop) and ive always been intrigued by what they would actually do, im not really into the sales people helping me while i shop but if you actually booked in specifically it could be quite cool
    Scrapbook de la Emma


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