It's Raining Lush


So here's my haul, well I say haul more haul/bday gift's like I said my BFF Trish sent me some lush goodies for my birthday, one of my face mask's got throw out by accident so I popped into Lush to replace my Cosmetic Warrior. I also ended up getting The scared truth as well, as it is my all time favourite. Cos Warrior I will be using first for my spotty skin, oh yeah sorry Lush's face mask's are fresh so you have to keep them in the fridge anyway I will get to that. So firstly here is what Trish sent THANK YOU TRISH :( I miss her so (she lives in Australia) 

My Birthday Box Of Love
from Trish
So she got me Honey Farm and it's pack out with Pop corn ! How kooky and unique is that I loved it and had to resist eating it, in this gift you get all things honey so Honeybee, Honey I washed the kids, Ma bar and the amazing Flying fox with it's jasmine scent. This is full of all my favourites so a hands down winner, the soap is real creamy and the honey bee ballistic leaves you feeling like you could be spread on toast.  Ma bar is actual based on a Mar's so anything that is chocolate like needs no review MUST HAVE.

It's raining men shower gel
This shower gel is amazing and I don't even have a shower, it smells like a honey filled chocolate bar and left my skin so smooth and help sooth all the dry skin I had around my elbow and knees. It's great for you sensitive souls and you don't need a lot it also leaves the bathroom smelling lush too. I prefer it to soap as it's easy, and won't dry out plus you can recycle the bottle easy so win's my vote every time.

One For The Shower Peeps


The EX Factor Ballistic
Trish had read my post here, bless her and including a lot of what I wanted to try this included these guys. These were so good, they have no bits which I love (not a fan of things that take ages to get out the bath) and turned the water bright blue :) he fizzy well I don't like it when it's still frizzing as your getting out the bath. The smell was just divine I was so impressed with his musky scent, I felt fresh and like a mermaid in the water. well be stocking up on him and I love how cute they look, I have propped up his mate until I use him he is making our bedroom smell amazing.

If You Want A Quick Relax In The Bath


I have not tried my Magic Mushroom, but it smells unreal so not long before I do. I also got Cosmetic Warrior and Brazened Honey which I'm reviewing in another post. And here is what I got when I just was meant to replace my face mask. I got two space girls for my mum and blue skies for Barry. I got just the comforter for myself as Trish got me a heap, bless her it's all to have Lush in my bathroom again I'm not going mental on it but it's nice to have a stash for when I need a pick me up bath.


The Comforter
This has to be one of my all time favourites I love the colours and the smell just takes me over, it is this beautiful blackcurrant scent that fills every inch of you. You only need to crumble (under the hot tap) about a third of it in to get a thick creamy bubble bath and the water turns pink. I love this and it loves me too leaving my skin soft and smelling like ribena.

My Winner For A Relaxing Bath

Images:(all mine)


  1. looveeee lush! it smells so amazing!!
    great blog :)

  2. Oh wow you've got some amazing stuff there! I've been eyeing it's raining men shower gel since last week, just still haven't had a chance to pop in to my local LUSH. I love their bubble bars as well, as they are smell lovely. Oh happy birthday by the way =D xx

  3. ooo you got some brill stuff!! Love lush, i have nearly used everything i gt for xmas :(

  4. I'm loving all of these Lush related posts but my bank account is really going to hurt soon, you're making me want to buy everything, and I thought I was addicted enough! :P xxx

  5. I love LUSH so much. This post makes me want to get in the car and buy some lush stuff before its sold out. I love the Ex-Factor bath bomb...too good! I also love HoneyBee...the sand that is in it is supposed to be a detoxifier for the whole body. I like to use it when I am sick.
    Glad you got so many wonderful things.

  6. I hope I can say this without offending or having great enemies. I am so sick of hearing about LUSH. Yes the products look good, and do good, but at what price. I can get products as good, if not better for half the price. I have to ask what is the big deal about LUSH?

  7. I love lush it rules!!!

    Have you listened to Rihanna/Nikki Minaj it's raining men, such a tune xx

  8. I recently tried some LUSH products and so in love with them too. I really like it's raining men since I have dry and sensitive skin. Maybe I'll check it out the next time I go to a LUSH store.

  9. I can smell the store a mile away when I'm walking through the city on my lunch. I love the presentation of the products and how they pack it with popcorn ♥

    ♥Happy Birthday♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  10. Oh you lucky lady! I love Lush so much! That whole box is making me salivate! <3

  11. You make me so sad I am allergic to lush :(

  12. I adore lush, just walking past the shop is such an amazing expereince for my nose haha! You lucky thing x

  13. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG lovee this so much!!!perfect!:)

  14. Just been catching up on a couple of your posts I missed girlie :) I need a nice outfit for my dads wedding in feb, totally gonna give the personal shopper girls at topshop a holla! thanks for the idea!

    mmmm, lush stuff. I have a box filled from bits and pieces I got for christmas/in the sales, and its making my bathroom smell so good! gutted I dont have a bath though, and only a shower, miss my bath bombs :( look forward to seeing your face mask review, was wanting to get one soon! my skin is a bit fucked from this harsh winter, really needs some tlc.

    meant to tell you, Ive been watching my mighty boosh every night in bed after our twitter banter! loves it :) xx

  15. Oh dear, I just love lush, but its so expensive. D:


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