Dress up box

Dresses Made Of Glitter ...........................well not really, you would make an awful mess if you went on the tube and don't get me started about red wine spill's.

This morning I was on Topper's website and saw this, how amazing are these dresses. I feel like a kid when I see them, because they are so very grown up and pretty. Even if I had an event to wear one to, I don't think I could just because people would think I had it together and I don't I am still a kid in my mind. My favourite is the 'JEWEL KIMONO DRESS'  

I think we may see some of these on same celebs, maybe Kate or sienna or any of the 100s of celeb fan's. What's your favourite?
Here are some other Topshop item's I am lusting after ......


                                     Fleece COLLAR PU BIKER JACKET

                                             PETULA ROSE PLATFORM SANDALS

Topshop Hit list ...........
go to www.topshop.com for details .....

Anyway sorry I have once again been a bit crap this week, but I will be trying to sort that out. I 'm now off out to have a well needed coffee and pick out the package I miss yesterday (more photo stuff my BF ordered) and I hope they have Vice magazine as I missed the last one. I love the dos and don'ts, make my day that little bit more cheery ... I know I am evil :P

I will do a longer post tomorrow, thank you for all your feedback, and I am still catching up on all your blogs .....may take me a while :/ love ya's xx

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  1. love those suede brown boots from topshop, id wear them. i'm trying to curb my buying of late but it ain;t working at all. popped some stuff on ebay though.

    yeah i know! i've found some more creative people from blackpool so i'm going to do another post next week.

    tomorrow is me best mates birthday so we're going on a mini road trip to the countryside, not too far away. and out for a pizza at night!you? do you have a facebook?


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