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I wanted to share with you some of my favourite online shop's, so the first one is Dollydagger ...I just adore their ever so cute bag's, clothing and jewellery they even do doll face which is their range of cosmetics and beauty products. They have a great homepage which let's you select from a great range of option's if you love skull's or cherries you can just go straight to them, rather than having to track down each thing the whole site. 

There is Dolly's diary which has competition's where you can win some great stuff and they also let you know about event's, which let's you know about art things and comp's and the latest must have. They have a gig and festival list as long as your arm and albums of the month. You can even send them picture's of you in a Dollydagger dress and be featured in their gallery. I will be saving up a bit for some stuff I have seen, so here are just a few thing's I would love to have from the site:

Ring : Dollydagger

Tea And Toast Tote Bag from British Designer Kate Garey: Dollydagger

Irregular Choice Trinklettina Shoes: Dollydagger

I just love these shoes, how amazing are these shoes, I love playful thing's and these shoes fit the bill perfectly. I love the little charm on is want they said about the shoes.
Turquoise and Red Trinklettina Shoes from the incomparable Irregular Choice. These amazing shoes feature a turquoise felt and red gingham upper, with a big red polka dot bow on the toe, a transparent blue patterned perspex heel, detachable kawaii style charms, patterned sole, and a crushed velvet lining. Heel measures approximately 3 inches high. Also available in black and there's a matching bag too! Wowee!

Anyway I hope you are all well and that you check out this site, great for all your kooky must have's :P


  1. LOVE the tea and toast bag! soo cute x

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog (:

    I am in love with the Tea And Toast Tote Bag, a lovely find.

    As for your question, for my birthday I had a giant party on my farm with my friends, but for my actual birthday date I'm going to Turkey :D

    -molly xo

  3. aww...everything looked so cute! great post!

  4. These are soooo cute!

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  5. Cute and whimsical items!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  6. Oh wow, I love these, they are all so kawaii!

  7. thank you for commenting and following my blog!
    wow these are.. very bright and SUPER CUTE! <3
    the shoes are really lovely.^^

  8. I love all these items! SO fun and girly!

  9. gotta love gaga! i love your blog! follow me!

  10. Every post was adorable! And I love your header! :)

  11. Hello!
    Thank you for your lovely comments on Baroque Boudoir ;-)
    I'm a a huge Dollydagger fan and love the tea and toast bag - just tucking in to some now!

    MG xx

  12. these are all so adorable!! cupcakes and rings-yes pls :)

  13. That tea and toast bag is adorable!


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