Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

With freshly pink dip dye hair, I was more than excited to attend this years Cosmo awards - I actually dyed it to match Cosmo's font, but it come out a little more neon. This year's Cosmo blog awards was held at The Rose Club, and it was packed out with wall to wall bloggers and brands. 

The club was really glamorous but cool, and I instantly felt relaxed as familiar faces poured in (turns out I'm a little social butterfly). It was great to meet new people too, and introduce people to each other I hate the thought of leaving someone out. Next were sponsoring this years awards, and it was great to see their wonderful team there as I'd met them at the press day not long ago.  

Me & Madison
Shope, Charlee & Shore
Elodie wear a stunning dress from Wish, want, wear & Polly
Emma (who won an award well done chick) & thee stunning Milly
 Gemma & Madison

After saying hello to everyone, I thought I should whip out my camera and get some photos before the awards began. I think everyone was nervous and wanted to found out if they had won or not, so we could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Before we knew it the winners were on stage, picking up these stunning illustrations by Coco (yes I sobbed into my cocktail a little) and you could feel that everyone just eased into the rest of the night.

Sadly no win for me but honestly just being there was enough, I was so happy to see some of my blog mates bag awards. Congrats again to all the winners, I had a good look at the blogs I had not come across before and they are amazing! We wanted to dance as the  music was pumping and the drinks were flowing, so everyone was relaxed and happy we all were taking outfits (lots of amazing Wish Want Wear dresses), beauty and general randomness! 

I met Charlee who is such a sweetheart, she's a beauty blogger and had on a Chanel style dress that she got from River Island - My kinda gal. I also chatted with all my Witch skincare crew Zoe( my dip dye buddy), Emma (who won an award go Emma!) and my babes Shore and Shope - who had 'nothing to wear' and looked unreal seriously these ladies have style to die for!

Holly (from Cosmo ) & other lovely ladies
Charlee & Me
Jen, me & Amy
Lucy collecting her award
Charlene won best fashion blog!!!! Love that girl 
Michelle & I
Madison's amazing clutch
Amy & I 
It was so good to catch up with all my girls, Madison had on thee most amazing Tuxedo and the lip clutch of my dreams 'hello Lulu Guinness'. She makes me laugh so much, and has an amazing blog Sex, shopping and chocolate not one for the faint hearted (but check out her shoe collection!).  Another babe is Amy from Wolf Whistle I forget to ask where her divine spiked head wear was from, I was too busy enjoying being with her I swear I could spent weeks with these two beauties. I finally got to meet Ella, who is such a doll and she had on thee most amazing jacket (check out the photo of it on my Instagram that's Ella's face) that her friend actual made for her! 

Than I went for dinner with these lovely ladies, who made my night complete!
Jen, Polly, Fritha, Charlie, Olivia, Kristabel, Michelle and Elodie love you ladies and goes without saying loved your outfits. It was so great to see everyone and you all looked amazing! Thank you to Cosmo and to Next, also again to you lot for a your votes, comments and kind words x

Jen, me & Madison


  1. Looks like you had a fab time! Love the hair :)

  2. Beautiful photos, everyone looks amazing xx

  3. N'awh it was so nice to see you Law! Such a fun night and meal too, I wish we could all get together for meals out! xx

  4. sounds like you had a fab night & you look absolutely gorgeous hun. such a shame you didn't win, i was rooting for you! xx

  5. Looks like such a good night, I was stalking all the action on twitter!
    I'm also loving your skirt : )


  6. aww looks like you had such a lovely evening Law! :) love the photos and your ba-nanananaa-batttttmaannnnn jumper too! :) big hugs and kisses nik nak xxxxx

  7. Sad you didn't win (I voted for you!) but like you say, amazing to have made it so far and the party sounds like so much fun! Lots of lovely girls and giggles, what could be better than that?

  8. Aww, looks like you had a fab time - and I love your outfit choice! :) Congratulations on being nominated - as I previously said, it was very well deserved! x

  9. I love the idea of going to the Cosmo Blog Awards! It just sounds so amazing, at your outfit is SO amazing, I love the jumper and leather skirt combo and especially that its a Batman jumper! XO

  10. Wow your hair is amazing!!! Your jumper is awesome :) and I really want that skirt!! Looks like you had a brilliant time - very jealous

    Robyn Mayday

  11. well it seems like the award didn't really matter, you all had a great time by the looks of it


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