The Bobble Hat

I'm crazy about hats at the moment, don't ask me why as most don't suit me. So when I saw this bobble one in Primark for £3.00 I had to have it, as it looked alright on. I may have also got the red one too. I also got these boots that where £15.00 I think, they are studded at the front and in the side bit that zips up they have a mix of studs which I love.

I'm now on a spending ban, as to be honest I don't have any money to spend! My wardrobe is out of control, and there's so much I just have no love for any more so I'm trying to decide what I want to add to my floordrobe and things that I need to sale, give to charity.

Hat: Primark 
Top: Primark
Shorts: Topshop
boots: Primark

Don't you just love how Corben crashed my photo, I swear soon he will have his own blog and be telling me what I'm doing wrong. It's still crazy to think my little boy is now three! His so funny, he picked my lipstick for me to wear (MAC Ruby Woo) and told me ' draw on your eye's now mummy' I think he see's my makeup as paint I put on my face. His not keen on my pink hair, but he told me I was 'still pretty'. I love spending time with him when his not being a little horror, his my little dude plus he can do the crossed leg pose!


  1. I saw those hats today, and was so tempted to pick one up. I passed it up though, I was too rushed to try it on first. After seeing this though, I'm so going to get one!


  2. I have that top, gotta love a batwing!
    Love this outfit, especially the bobble hat, they had some lovely ones in Tesco last year which I am totally regretting not buying, I wonder if they'll still have them.
    Corben's pose is adorable!!

  3. Loving hats at the moment too soo cosy! This does suit you , can you post the red one soon too? Your make up looks beautiful xx

  4. Ah you look lovely here, definitely a fan of the pink! <3 x

  5. You look SO good in that hat x

  6. awww your son is so cute- cannot wait to see his first blog post ;)
    love the hat- i ahve a bobble hat like this and its rather worn i think its about time i updated it- so thanks for the headup about primark.
    i love your hair and Corbens idea that make up is paint is exactly how my boyfriend thinks- ha ha

  7. I have a hat obsession- my cupboard is full of weird and wonderful ones. Bobble hats are great because they suit everyone. x

    1. I agree completely ! Bobble Hats DO suit everyone :)
      Just imagine we had a totalitarian state where every young person between certain ages would not be allowed outdoors without a bobble hat? LOL

  8. I love bobble hats and this is such a nice colour, Corben is so cute too!

    Maria xxx

  9. apparently I wasn't following you...!? Not sure how that happened! Love the boots - how cute is Corben! x

  10. Always love your style!

  11. That hat will keep you warm and stylish over the next few months! Hats don't suit me much either, so I know how amazing it is when you find one that does!
    Aww how cute is your wee man? Adorable xo

  12. I Love my wooly hat too at the moment - they re great for bad hair days too ( of which I have many lol)
    Debs x

  13. Wow cute boots and bobble. Still loving that hair!
    Erica xo Have you seen my vintage giveaway?


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