How I Wear: Pink Boots

So I've been neglecting my poor blog, for so long that my hair has gone from red to black true story. I planned a heap of posts, but than ended up with food poisoning so yeah. Than after recovering from that I caught flu off one of my beautiful gem ridden boys and yeah. But I'm going to try my best to do this #Blogmas thing and try to blog everyday for this month. So pitch punch the first of the month, and all that jazz. Let's move on, pink boots not the easy thing to style I'll admit. If your a short gal like myself an ankle boot can be a bit of a mare, thankful these have a little heel.

Faux Fur Collar: River Island
Choker: Dorothy Perkins
Damn Sweater: Choies*
Checked Coat: Primark
Jeans: Old
Dr Martins: Cloggs*

I'd say keep your lower body in a pair of well fitted jeans, and if you want to go for a skirt a long maxi looks pretty awesome. These boots are great to layer up with some chunky socks, and tights for if you prefer a shorter skirt. I decided that as I've been mega ill, I'd go for jeans and my cute ' You melt my heart' sweater and thankfully found this Primark check coat when I unearthed my AW wardrobe. London is pretty cold at the moment, so I'm living in jumpers. I've also mastered crochet a little more, and made a top and a waistcoat cardigan thing while I've been stuck in. But I will tell you more about that tomorrow, it will be well worth a read for anyone who wants to crochet.  

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