Learning How To Crochet: What You Need & The Best Way To Get Started

For so long, I poured over photos of beautiful things people had crocheted. When I was younger my nan taught me basic knitting, as crochet was just so tricky and I just about learned to knit. When she passed I promised myself one day I'd learn, the reality was I forgot all about it and life went on. Than one day I saw a photo of a crocheted cardigan, and I suddenly felt angry so angry I ended up crying. Over a crochet cardigan. Crying.

So much time had passed, were talking years and I still had not picked up a hook and even tried. Who was I kidding I didn't even have any hooks, and how do you learn something if you don't even have the main tool for the job. I was so upset that I had made a promise to myself, not just for me but for her and I had done nothing. So than I made it a mission to learn. If I can you can, it won't be easy. You will want to give up, you will think how are people doing this. Than it will click, and all those failed attempts will fade to the background and before you know it you will be crocheting. You will.  

My hook collection and markers both from EBay

Firstly there are a few things your going to need:

A note book- Simple but great for keeping you on track, for making wool lists -No one will understand the pain of buying the wrong shade of wool because it was the same colour.  Making note of what hook you were using, and wool shade if you have started a couple of projects just helps fast track things. Basic ones or not, it just makes it easy so you can focus on learning and not what hook you were using on that granny square. If your following a how to, you can write down notes, rather than having to keep watching over and over again. 

Scissors- For cutting wool when your done.

A hook or set of hooks - Mine are from Ebay, go for metal ones or wood. Plastic ones are a mare, for someone starting out. One's with a grip at the end are also a good idea. Don't worry about having a bunch, when you start out it's all about learning the basic stitches first. You will soon get the feel for moving it, but it takes time and practice. My favourite hook is the 6.00mm, but to be honest any hook in your hand is the best start.

Wool/Yarn - DK is my favourite, it's also nice for when your learning. Save chunky and small yarns for when you have a better understanding. You will want to buy all the fancy ones, who can blame you but in the end crocheting with a fluffy yarn as a beginner will make you go insane. You need to really see the stitches to start to understand how they work and to get use to tension when working. Tension (how your holding your yarn/wool will make a difference) will come with time, the more you do the more natural it becomes. When I look back at my first granny square, you can tell it's too tight as it's curling in. It happens, you carry on. Sometimes you will make mistakes and have to unpick work, but when you finish a piece it's all the more special because of the time you have put in. 

Markers- Mine again are from EBay, and I think are super cute. These little beauties are a great way to keep stitch count. Once you start chaining and have to work stitches in certain chain spaces, this is where these will again keep your sanity. They are also perfect for keeping your loop, if you need to take a break without it all coming undone. 

A needle and thread - This probably comes a little later, when you need to sew in ends. I'd say at the start it's just about learning so this really comes a little later. 

So how did I learn from home in my spare time, the answer is simple. All hail You Tube, there are so many how to's but here are the people that inspired me and taught me how to crochet. Even now I have trouble reading patterns. These channels showed me how to crochet along with them. Yes you will stop, pause and re-watch them again and again. Some people crochet too fast and it's almost impossible to understand what's going on. These peeps show you clearly and take their time, I still go back to their videos again and again.

Great for learning the basics and making cute things- HappyBerry Crochet
Learning new patterns and basic skills- Bella Coco
Making bags and clothing with simple stitch use- Bag-O-Day
Making clothing in both knit and crochet- Ruby Stedman

But it's worth every minute. Once you have learned the stitches, the world of crochet opens up I have started to work from patterns. I have even got a couple of crochet magazines to try new things and help my pattern reading skills. I am still a beginner myself,  but every day I feel I can try something new and learn more as I go. This is in no way the perfect way to get started, but this is how I have learned, picking up a book just seemed over whelming but having someone show me and being able to see over and over really helped me to understand. 

I have since crocheted a blanket, a cushion, two tops and I'm working on three projects at the moment. So what are you so afraid of, you will fail but you pick up that hook and wool and you keep trying. For me crochet has had a life impact, it helps with my depression and I love that I'm creating something with my hands. You can make so much, and I already have a list of friends and family who want me to make them something. I crochet every single day, and it's great because you decide how long you want to spend doing it. You can make it fit around your life. So this is my second post of #blogmas I hope it helps, and you give it ago. I have a hashtag on my Instagram #lawdoescrochet, if you fancy seeing my progress. 

Have you started crocheting? How did you learn, and what would you recommend?

Note since posting this, lots of you have been telling me about crochet in your community people running groups etc .. and how you have found learning face to face has really helped too. This is wonderful to hear, if you have a group in your area please feel free to leave details in the comment section for others to join. Or if you have any other information for beginners feel free to share. 

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