Be The Change This Christmas

Today was a pretty average day, I dropped the kids off at school after reading morning and than made a mental list of everything I needed to get done. As I was heading back from picking up a bit of shopping, I saw the same homeless man I have seen for the last month. Fast asleep in his sleeping bag, and I felt like crap. 

Crap because last night there was a massive rain hail and I knew for a fact he had been outside in it. While I was inside on twitter moaning about it. But what could I do, give this guy a care package. Yeah okay that may help him for that day, but what about the rest of winter. I than saw my Christmas cards and thought 'oh well maybe someone else may help him' and started writing, but it felt really fake. Christmas is about time, it's about giving my mind was racing for something that could help. So than I thought of shelter, and gave my local council a call to see if they were or could help him. I spoke to a lovely guy called Darren, who said the guy was called Alex and the team had chatted to him last night and were in the process of helping him.

He said that the team already had a package for Alex, with everything he needs and that they always try their best to help people off the streets. I really hope that next time I go shopping Alex isn't there, no one should be living on the street. His a person like you or I and should have a roof over his head. If I see him there I will make up that package, I know sometimes it's hard for people to expect help everyone has pride. But I don't want to be one of these people who just moans about society, but does nothing to change and help others. There are so many people like Alex, sleeping rough and it's easy to brush them aside. I don't ever want to be homeless and have no one care. No one believe in your worth as a human being. Lots of people end up homeless, it's easier than same think. I'm not saying you have to rush in and be a hero, there are really simple ways to help. I know for some of you, you may not have money to donate and that's fine there's other ways you can make a difference. 

Pick up the phone- If you have seen someone sleeping rough, they may not be in contact with anyone who can help them. Shelter help thousands of people, you can usually find the number at your local councils website. Give them a call and some details about someone you have seen, it maybe the hand they need to get back on their feet. Shelter always offer a heap of free advice. 

Donate your clothing- I'm a girl who loves to buy thing from charity shops, but I also love giving to them. If you see a Shelter shop, know that your unwanted clothing will make a difference the money goes back into providing housing care and advice. If you have a workplace collection, or at uni or any other another place you can even arrange with them for it to be picked up. If you phone first, than you can always plan a drop box and get everyone to donate. 

There are many other groups that help the homeless, and other things you can do to support them. Fundraising events, donating your time as a volunteer. There is Homeless UK, as well which has so much information and support. Shelter also prove a free housing advice helpline, for anyone struggling to keep their home. Maybe you will help to ease your guilty, or to feel better about yourself, or maybe you just really want to make a difference. Whatever and why ever you decided you really could help change someones life. Feeling bad for someone won't change anything, giving someone change may only help them that day. We need long term change. I know this is random for a #blogmas post, but I hope it helps someone. 

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  1. Thank you for writing this, I hope more will do a little with their influence and audiences to promote thinking outside of the box and making a difference from now onwards during all this shit that is going on in the world, we need to stop being so selfish.


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