I'm A Human Crayon

So what happened to #blogmas, you may ask ... you probably haven't even noticed but hey I'm going to pretend you have. Well social media of course, it's cold outside I'm not out as much. I get bored, and somehow I end up spending four hours sharing videos on Facebook and RT the life out of Twitter. Yes I know what I need to do, yes I know I should be doing it. But opening an app is like falling down the rabbit hole, you should tap out but than what's one more like, share or comment.  

On a plus I got my new phone or the procrastination station as I'm dubbing it. Even if it is glued to my hand and real life seems like a dream,  I had it takes pretty cool pictures *Hooray. I wish I had more time to take really beautiful planned out outfits etc, but sadly doing three school runs a day limits you. So the way I see it, at least I can share more outfits and spend less time telling my mum off because she has her finger on my camera lens. I was thinking if I can get out of my rut I really want to do a outfit round up, ground breaking I know. 

Faux fur coat: Debenhams*
Pineapple Bag: Primark
Acid wash jeans: Primark* 
Trainers:  Spartoo*

So this is my first outfit post, via my new baby. I can't actual express how much I love this jumper, I was gutted not to get the real deal. I had my money ready (rare I know), but I literally went to place in my basket and place my order. Stupidly forgot myself and went to make a cup of tea quick - Big mistake and yeah, someone beat me too it and the two words no-one wants to read 'SOLD OUT' appeared and I felt like pouring the hot tea over myself and throwing my cup at the person who jumped me to the punch. Instead I breathed deeply and yeah hello eBay my old friend, and managed to find this beauty. I feel like a crayon, and it reminds me of the cool kids jumpers in 80s adverts I envied those children so badly. 


  1. You look incredible here, I love how colourful you are!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love this UNIF sweater, they're so rare to get your mitts on! I have the sweater in the 'frost' version but love this Crayola one too!

    - Holly x



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