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Funkin Cocktail Mixers*

The birthday countdown is on, and I'm actual really looking forward to it this week. I think my thirties are teaching me to enjoy what I like, rather than pretending to enjoy things because others do. I'd be lying if I said I never enjoy having a night out, but only if I really have to and I know it's going to be a big night. To be honest I much prefer chilling out with friends and family, playing music and enjoying a drink in the knowledge that I won't - Need to think about how I'm getting home, where my bag ticket has gone and waking up still fully dressed in party gear looking like I'm Kung Fu Panda because I left my eyeliner on. 

The down side to staying in is what to drink. Cocktails and even some mixers, still seem to require a massive amount of preparation. When Funkin cocktail contacted me to see if I'd like some mixes for Christmas and New Years, of course I said yes! I'd actual tried the Hollywood one before at a friends house party a while back. It was pretty much what you would have in a club, but without having to struggle to the bar and spill some on your new bag because people are trying to wrestle in the gap you just made. Okay granted cocktails out and about are made by people with skills. I'm usually that idiot who thinks they're in a movie trying to do the fancy drink moves *shake shake, twist it about in the air and usually end up with half of it going down my arm - Super classy. But it's actual great fun, I love that everyone takes their turn being ' the barman' and ends up drinking most of it themselves before you even get a look in. 

I'm not a massive drinker, but I thought I could make also use them to make mocktails too - Perfect for anyone who has to get up at silly o'clock the next day, as they contain no alcohol so also great for younger folk who want to feel like a grown up. Of course to make the real cocktails you will need alcohol, but they have a handy guide to what you will need and how to make them go further. To be honest one carton goes far, and on New Years there were a few runs just from one. They have a massive range of ones to try, so plenty to float your boat. You can pick mixers up from £2.99, and they came in a great size range. So if your throwing a party, or just fancy a drink with a friend they have you covered. Which would you try?

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  1. I love these, I have a wardrobe full of going out outfits but would much rather catch up with friends over drinks and board games!

    Maria xxx


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