Ladylike Perfection - Lulu Liu AW15 Show

Firstly I didn't wear my glasses, which was a massive no no when your going to a show to take photos . Anyway apart from capturing the blurriest photos, more suited to the last days of fashion week on Instagram I did manage by some small miracle to take these. Lulu Liu is not a designer I had heard of before. Clearly I've been under a rock,  as she's been designing since 2011 and worked for Giles. Now she is powering her focus into her own label. 

I really didn't know what to except, but in a way this makes it all the more exciting just before the show starts as your clueless. As the lights lit up, and the first model strut out in a white layered jumper I knew that this was a designer who liked clean ascetics. As more girls graced the catwalk, more textures and details were introduced feathers, fringing, ruffles in subtle washes of mint, blue and grey. Than red came flooding out a belted jacket and skirt than cape worn over a dress, shiny, sharp and foxy. 

Her designs are powerfully structured, but not so much that the delicate natural of the details is lost. The collection reminded me of Selina Kyle in Batman Returns, by day she's a sectary she has a great tailored style and wants to take more control. Than by night she's catwomen and that sassy red jacket and skirt, oozed that sexy confident women who gets what she wants. Odd I know but I liked it, the pieces moved beautifully and the whole collection had edge but without being gritty. She sources the best materials and that reflects in her collection, her coats and jackets are her strongest point and I'm looking forward to seeing her next collection. Lulu Liu current SS15 collection is just as beautiful, if your looking for a designer investment piece than it's worth a having a look. 

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