Strawberry Flares

Outfit photos taken by- Leigh at Fox and Feather 
Orange Coat and Red Top: Thrifted/ Bag: Paperchase
Faux Fur Collar: Select Fashion/ Strawberry Flares: Beyond Retro
Jelly Shoes: Juju*

The great thing about living in London, is that you can always find a perfect backdrop to your outfit. Usually I'm forced to go where every I can to get outfit photos, which are outside where I live take by my mum- Yes totally professional fun times. The other evening was different, I was over Bricklane to meet Leigh from Fox and Feather as we had to stop by Beyond Retro. It was later so although the light wasn't perfect, there wasn't much choice.  We went to 101, were I hang out in my student days for burgers and chips and live music. Than we got chatting about vinyl, as Leigh collects as well so popped into Rough Trade to see who the record signing was for that night. Sadly it was not someone we were familiar with, but we chatted about our dream record to add to our collections and the best thirfed vinyl we had ever purchased.  

I got these flares at Beyond Retro last week, one of the stylist pulled them for me when we were sorting out outfits for London fashion week. I decided that they had to became apart of my wardrobe, as I'm trying to buy more vintage again. I was so happy as they are a perfect fit, which is super rare as usually things I like are usually too small for me. I know I'm going to wear them to death as they are comfortable but still well tailored.  They are actual handmade, and the fabric hangs well unlike a lot of high street flared trousers. More importantly they are unique and it's unlikely that anyone else will have a pair of these. That's the plus with vintage, that your buying into a past life were things were not mass produced and made to last. 


  1. those flares are just incredible! x

  2. Those flares are stunning! Completely agree with you about vintage. It's odd if I buy something that's brand new now because the items actually end up looking tired and old next to my vintage stuff after a few washes, all due to the quality! It's probably one of the main reasons I've stopped buying brand new stuff.

  3. Yes yes yes. Everything about this! Love your dark hair x

  4. These flares are gorgeous, I love them on you!

    Maria xxx


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