Saturday Song List - With Nusound Headphones

As a mother of two I rarely get any peace and quite, there's always a television blasting, a toy rattling out sound or a question that begins with 'mummy can ..' and as much as I want some peace I want them to be happy. So on the moments that silence decides to swing by I like to play music, I do openly play my music but the kids usually shout over it and I end up feeling more stressed and hope that one day they will at least sing a long with my tunes. Usually the evening is when I get a little time, I love to listen to a mixture of new and old vinyl and dignity. I have a really mix love of music, because so many great bands and icons have been inspired by others it's impossible to say well I just like this music. Anyone who does that should think about that deeper, and maybe discovery something incredible. 

As I settle down more often than not I reach for a pair of headphones, my other half would not be pleased with me playing records if his off to bed and he will do the same if his on his games. At one point I had five pairs as I couldn't find a comfortable pair. Plus don't even get me started on how long they last. I use them to listen to music, playing games, and watching films on the laptop in bed so they probably get used more than I once thought. 

Black Roadie Headphones: Nusound Acoustics* via The Blogger Programme

So when Nusound sent me a pair I was ready to have my pen and paper out to list the cons, but I think I may have found THEE pair. Firstly they don't dig in your head, which when I'm wearing them all evening is a massive ' thank you, because I actual like my skull the way it is' and the wire that connects them has a cord cover. Meaning that if my little darlings steal borrow them, they are protected and won't be dead within the month and if your wearing them outside they are going to be protected. As for sound, they are spot on. Take it from me after having some of the top of the range branded headphones, that actual sounded like I was listening to music through a  piece of tinfoil - You will understand how this basically kills music, your soul and your belief in humankind. That these are great, not too much base and the sound is clear without being piercing. 

So what have I been listening to through these glorious beasts. Well if you like a spot of the old vinyl, than you may like my list. I tend to think of clothing and music, so I've been wearing flares, and cat eyeliner and feeling very sassy. I think this is a great mix for getting you powered up to face the world, and break out your platforms and feather boa.

My Vinyl Playlist:

  • Abba greatest hits 
  • Dionne Warwick greatest hits vol 1
  • Madonna Like A Virgin
  • Carol King Tapestry 
  • David Bowie The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars

There are plenty of classic tunes, when I'm listening to tunes on the go I'll usually pop on XFM. As they play a lot of new artists, and I'm going to buy the Royal Blood album as every track I've heard off it so far has wedged it's way into my brain - Thinking vinyl just because everything sounds twice as awesome on vinyl FACT. I general like grunge, but like I said I'll listen to anything that has some soul. I currently have L7- Bricks are heavy, Nirvana- Bleach, Amy Winehouse -Frank, Goldfrapp -Felt mountain and a bunch of other cool albums on a playlist I like to call 'Tunez are good'. So this is what I've been listening to, what has been rocking your world? I'd love to know, anything you think I should be adding to my vinyl collection than feel free to demand I pay it attention. 


  1. We have a fair bit of vinyl, mostly old stuff but Hollie buys new bits from time-to-time. Last new one we got was Pokey LaFarge.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. What is this "peace" of which you speak?


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