Window Shopping: Zara

Maybe it's because I've always dreamed of working in a creative team and dreaming up displays myself, but one thing that excites me more than shopping is Window displays. I recall that even from an early age, I would always point out the best displays to my mum.  I also think they are a great source of outfit inspiration, I'm sure if you dig around in your wardrobe enough you will sometimes find you already own very similar. 

If not than you don't always have to go straight to that shop, and make your cards cry as you charge them for things you can't afford. Hit the charity shops, I usually take a cheeky snap of what I'm looking for than look for something in the same colour or shape. If you can't resist than you can find all these lovely things at Zara.

I love this fresh and sharp display, and the white going on reminds me of Love Aesthetics who's blog I adore. Ivania makes all white outfits, cool and edgy she also has a mass of great D.I.Y's. Anyway if you like seeing displays, I'd be happy to share more with you, I know not everyone is as obsessed with them as me so if your not feeling it let me know.


  1. Love this post, I too am obsessed with store displays!

  2. i am always taking photos when I go in shops, of things I like, outfits on models which I'd not thought of putting together etc.

  3. I'd definitely like to see more; I'm obsessed with window displays as well aha


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