Most Wanted Swap Shop

I'd love to be one of those people who can throw things out without a second thought. Sadly I'm more like Confessions of a shopaholic, you know that scene when she's flat packing everything into her wardrobe and than it later explodes over the room. Well yes, you get the picture the sad thing about a lot of my clothing is it either A. doesn't fit, you know those jeans you just hang on to just incase you magical tone up in your sleep  or  B. I'm sick of the sight of. 

So when I was invited to a swap shop by Vouchercodesuk, so dragging my fellow fashion hoarder Clare we were all ready for some swapping action. If you love to save on anything and everything Voucher codes, offers daily deals to save you money on fashion to dining out. They have a blog called Most Wanted which is a great source of inspiration too.

We were asked to bring in are unwanted goodies, and they were numbered by label so something from Primark would count as a 1 and something from Topshop say would count as a 2. I thought I would come back with less, but somehow I came back with more! It seems everyone loves the high street, and most of the rails at the swap were marked with a 1 stamp. There was a photobooth which is always needed and Georgi even got me in an Elf hat (go laugh at me here). I finally got to meet Jaclyn, who I've chatted with on twitter for yonks and see what swaps she got. I headed for the crafting station run by the fab Sew Over It, who run sewing cafe in London (amazing much) me and Clare made festival head bands and I made Clare a friendship bracelet because really I'm still five years old. 

Natasha and Christian went all designer on there finds and added stars, which looked amazing and shows how a simple stud can give a top a whole new look. The cocktails were flowing so I had a quick chat with Rosie, who managed to find the top she had on in black brand new lucky gal. I picked up Lauren's fur gilet which I could have kissed her for, as it's the H&M one I had wanted but sold out at my local store. Than I bumped into Jen (Miss Eltro) who had some holographic leggings which where so beautiful words fail me. Sadly the beautiful Frankie nabbed them, saying that I think they will look better on her than me.

Than it was home time, with cupcake in hand and one too many items (fab items at that) I was ready to try and sneak it all pass my bloke as the idea was I come home with less. Thanks so much Most Wanted and to the gorgeous Fleur for inviting me, and stay tuned to see how I style the pieces I got and my guide to setting up your own swap shop at home. Over all I think it shows that just because you no longer treasure something, it doesn't mean you have to bin it, bury it away swap shops are the way forward.


  1. Ah! I wish I went to that now that I know you were there hehe. My last swap experience wasn't too great.. I ended up with crap I never wore anyway. But maybe I'm just crap at choosing or so slow that everyone else had nabbed all the good stuff ;)


    1. Aww I wish you had, would be lovely to meet soon x

  2. Replies
    1. It was so much fun, didn't want to leave x

  3. This looks like so much fun, I would definitely have ended up with more though!

    Maria xxx

  4. Looks like a lovely event! Glad you had fun!

    Emma x

  5. That looks like the best event ever! I would love to participate in one! x


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