Get Savvy: How To Set Up A Swap Shop At Home.

Ever looked at a friends wardrobe and thought, she/he never wears that I would wear it. Or ever 'borrowed' an item off a friend than 'forgot' to return it. So instead of losing your mate over a handbag that went missing or those shoes that are in their house the shop being 'repaired' why not have a swap shop. Or swishing party, they are easy to set up and will save you and your friends some money. I was inspired when I attended the Most Wanted Swap shop, to share something that's simple and fun and also could give your wardrobe a boost. Also don't think they are just for adults, if you have children why not give there unloved items a new lease of life for one of their friends. 

So what can you swap, anything and everything but it's important to decide what you will swap at the party. Here are some ideas:

*Clothing- Make sure your items are in good condition, shoes and bags are also a great item. Maybe those items that still have tags on, as really your never going to wear them. Leave underwear and nightwear as you want it more to give life to your wardrobe, not give your mates nightmares about you in a mouse onesie.

* Beauty- Try to bring sealed or unused products, if it's only been used once it's easy to freshen up a lipstick by chopping off the end. Body cares and maybe those unwanted christmas beauty bits are perfect. Leave mascara and lipgloss out (only if their sealed). 

*Gadgets- Maybe a coffee machine you never use, or some headphones your bored of. Why not swap some DVDs or even CD's, great for finding something new and agin giving new life to unloved items. Again make sure items are working, and in good condition think about if you were receiving the item would you be happy with it.

*D.I.Y- If you want to you could always set up a little craft corner to, ask friends to bring what ever they have studs, glue, trims whatever so you can jazz up your items. Again you don't have to do this it's just an idea. Check out my D.I.Y projects for some inspiration.

Of course it's up to you, but it's good to have a solid item of items so its fair for all. So on to rules and set up, it's really easy and again doesn't have to cost anything. You could make it more party like by making some cakes and getting everyone to bring a bottle of drink or some nibbles, this is optional but it's just nice to swap and have a chat and a drink with friends to.

  • Make sure items are in good condition, no one wants something thats stained or broken that they can't use either. Also don't be afraid to have it with boys and girls, as a t-shirt or trainers for example can be for either. I love a good mens tee.
  • Get your pals to bring a bag, so they have something to take there items home in. Simple tip yes, but you don't want to spend your evening digging out bags for everyone. 

  • Invite a bunch of friends, it will make swapping easier than say just two of you. Plus if some of your friends are a completely different body shape and size, than make sure theres more bags and things so they get some great things too. Set a limit of the number of items for people to bring, five is a good amount to make sure there's enough to swap. 
  • You can use a paper and pen to give people stamps for items to make keeping track of swapping easier, make sure one person over sees the final swap to make sure everyone has got something.
  • You can always number items, so if someone brings something more high end than can claim more items. Say in clothing hughstreet items such as H&M and Primark would be 1, where as a designer label could be 2. It's up to you, but again just think about keeping it fair for all.
  • Think about what your choosing to take, will you wear it, use it watch it, listen to it. There's no point in swapping something that going to gather dust too. Any things left can go to your local charity shop, if there's a lot get your friend to come with you. Charity shops are always in need of things, and it's a great way for you and your friends to let go of things taken up space.

Than just enjoy time with your friends, it's free it's a laugh (you can always model items) and it's free. I know this is basic but I hope that it's inspire you to try it, or give you some ideas.


  1. This is a great idea! :)
    I might consider doing this with the girls over Summer!

  2. Such a good idea laura! Never 'swapped' items before - i'm missing out!

  3. Thank you for the kind comment- I used to be a caffeine lover but I rely love the taste of tea and it was keeping me up all night running to the loo so I went cold turkey. Plus I find good food give me the energy I need now, a breakfast if juice and a banana does wonders :)
    Great feedback of the swap- I was so interested in this idea on other bloggers sites but no one beats you for an event description.
    Totally going to set up my own swap shop :)

  4. This is a brilliant post Law, swap shops are an amazing (cheap) way to get that retail fix without all of the problems with cost and moral questions of unneccesary consumption. I organised a 2nd hand clothes stall in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer last year, which people did buy things from but the whole thing raised over £300 from people's unwanted wares, so it just goes to show how much stuff people have they don't need/want! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. I totally need to do this, my wardrobe needs a clearout!

    Maria xxx

  6. I went to a swap shop last year at a friends house and got some really good things. We're actually organising one where I work and I've got some really good tips from your post. Thank you :) xx


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