The Missing Munster

So yeah 60's beehive, meets 90's goth I know a little crazy but whatever. I wore my new dress that I won via twitter from Trendista, which has this cool Aztec print it's thick material so I didn't need anything under it. It has an open back, so I had to wear a cardigan today as it was cold. Yep the sun is around, but there is no heat it's out with the tights again and heavy coats.

I'm not sure what I was thinking or feeling when I wore this yesterday, I've been watching old episodes of The Munster's and if I could I would love to have a house like theirs. There is a family in the U.S.A who have based their house on it, with the trap door under the stairs with Eddies pet dragon! It was such a great show, if you took all the outfits and makeup away they were a typical family just trying to get by. 

Shoes: Primark
Belt: Charity shop
Necklace: EBay (here)
Lipstick: Rimmel (Kate Moss 107)

I use to watch it at my Nan & Granddad's when I was about six, and thinking why don't my family look like them. I thought they were perfect, I wanted to grow up and dress like Lily. She was and still is thee coolest mum ever, Lily Munster was always glam but not in the blonde Barbie sense that generations grew up on. She and her family are freaks, weirdos but they love one another just the way they are and I love that. Anyway it was a good day, and I have finally picked a giveaway winner! The Winner is  Dani! Congrats to you, your Colour Xtreme sprays and Skin Art winging it's way to you. Stay tuned for more giveaways coming soon peeps.


  1. You look absolutely fabulous, i truly love this look, you look stunning xx

  2. You look amazing, I love your hair here!

    Maria xxx

  3. I've never seen the Munsters. I love your hair so much, though.

  4. I love your dress and the hair looks so amazing! love! xx

  5. So lovely to meet you today girly!!! Fabtastic blog... new fan here :-) Ashly xxxx


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