Touch Of White Festival Looks

So this is the next in my festival series, if you missed the neon one you can find it hereI don't think an all white outfit would ever work at a festival, so to try and soften the white clothing trend up I've thrown in a little colour and pattern. Well for those of you who have been reading my blog for ages, know I don't really do clean and minimal. So infusing another trend into the mix with the travel style, that has been one of my all time favourite trends. I think a kimono would look great with any one of these looks, and I would say it's the perfect festival cover up. 

Shoes wise, this time the look is more sharp, clean and perfect for any of you ladies who prefer to keep it simply. Again I've gone for a white theme regards the shoes, with a cool lace up ankle boot, a fresh pair of tennis style trainers and a white and candy floss coloured brogue.

Bag wise I think it's important to have one you can either wear on your back or that goes across you, it's both practical and to be honest you would like pretty silly bring a clutch it's really not the time or place for it.  You want to be able to enjoy the bands, throw your arms in the air not worry that you have drooped your wet wipes and camera in a crowd of people. For these looks you can add a floral crown, but I really prefer beaded headpieces you can just pin them into place and look great with wavy hair or a top knot.


  1. I love the white River Island cut out dress! :)

  2. love the long white dress! :D

  3. The shoes in the bottom picture are soooo cute!

  4. Ooh the white lace dress is gorgeous! Im defiantly loving the white trend this season! Thank you for your comment! x


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