Halloween With Juju

All Jelly Shoes -Juju/ Vampire socks and Ombre Nails -ASOS/ UV Lipstick- Topshop/ Eyeball & Spider Socks -Topshop/ Eye Bag- ASOS/ Skeleton Tights -ASOS/ Jelly Boots- Juju

So it's almost Halloween and I don't know about you, but there is nothing worst than being out in painful shoes that have you close to tears by the end of the night. I'm all for looking good, but prefer not to damage my feet in the process. Thankfully Juju are funky and comfortable. You may have seen me rocking mine, I think what I love most is the jelly sock combo. Yes it's a little child like but there is no denying they look awesome, as a massive sock addict (I have way too many pairs) it was a natural step to want to show them off more. I love seeing the print of the socks peep through, than having a pair with thee coolest print that end up hidden in a boot.

Black & Orange Tights-ASOS/  Cat Bag- New Look/ All jelly Shoes- Juju

Juju's come in so many colours and styles now that there's no way to go wrong, they even have wellies now. If you wanted just one pair go for the clear glitter ones, as they literally go with everything and are the best investment. I personally need an army of them, and will be adding some new colours to my collection. So I hope these give you some cool style ideas, and you have comfortable feet this Halloween. Or be prepared to have scary feet when you remove that blood soaked heel ouch! 

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