Halloween Makeup: The Craft Nancy Downs

So here is the first makeup how to, I ended up picking some of my all time favourite villains this is the first. As a teen in the 90s The Craft was literally my style inspiration (back in my goth days) and Nancy Downs was it for me. She is sharp witted, had the best outfits and had the best cray cray stare what's not to love. 

I thought I would start with the easiest makeup how to, as there is not much to this look and if you have a group theme than why not embrace the Craft girls. Clothing wise, think clueless but the goth version fitted shirts and pleated skirts uniform like. Black and white, pvc and pleather avoid bright colours. Stack jewellery, sliver no gold and a little chipped black nail polish. If your really after Nancy's key piece throw on a choker, or use some black ribbon and any charms if you have any. If you have longer hair and no time to buy a wig, than do her sleek back bun and some cross earrings and your set it really is that simple. So let's get started on the makeup. 

Face - Eyes - Brows

For the face I used my lighter foundation Pixi H2O skintint in cream*, and than set it with beautyuk compact face powder in shade 1*. The idea is to create that matt pale skin that was massive back than, and keep it simple so skip contouring. The powder will also help fix the makeup more, as Halloween parties can get hot and you want your look to last. If you have darker skin or you use fake tan, than use a foundation and powder for your skin tone. It will end up looking chalky if you go lighter and we don't want that, the rest of the makeup will still look awesome so honestly don't worry. I used my Blank Canvas Cosmetics brush F25 to apply the powder to get full even coverage, don't use a sponge if you are using powder or it tends to cake. 

Those brows were thinned out to the max, and Nancy has the crazy arch, I naturally have a bit of one but if you don't it's easy to fake. I actual used my eyeliner Eyeko pen in black, to outline the brow. To fake a thinner brow, you can always cover the brow with a glue stick and concealer and draw a super clean looking Nancy brow. Or you could do what I did and use a simple trick. I started my brow line, further in and really shaped my arch. I filled in the rest of the brow with a eye pencil, one from The Body Shop in black to really make them pop and trick the eye into seeing a thinner brow. As the hair around your brow will be thinner and lighter, it's less likely to notice. If you do have thicker darker brows use the glue stick, apply once against the hair, than again going with the hair and pat on foundation or concealer to mask. Than you can get those super thin brows. 

That grunge eye makeup I loved it, you don't have to be overly perfect with it. Nancy's eye look was worn it so I started with eyeliner first and lined my waterline. I prefer not to use pencils, so took a little black shade and applied it to my HD angle brush and applied it mainly to the outer corner. Than took my Eyeko liner and from the inner corner dragged a line close to my lashes. Don't wing the liner, try to join it neatly with the bottom liner by going back under the lower lash line with liner than powder. I added the eyeshadow on top to give the liner a worn in look, I used a gunmetal shade to keep tones cool and took my fluffy brush and blended out as much as possible. I've seen people use browns for her makeup which are too warm, but it's actual more a matt grey she wears. Than add a  couple of coats of mascara, don't wear fake lashes or it will take away from that worn in look. 

Lips - Fake Nose Ring

I adored Nancy's lip shades in the film and have never found a lipstick that matched. Thankful I have learnt tricks of the trade, and it's actual better to use three (very cheap may I add) lipsticks. Start with the black or a dark berry shade I used Beautyuk Darkness no13 * you can always use a thin brush to help apply it I apply it on from the stick as you can tidy up the lines after. Next cover the lip in a bright red, I used Beautyuk Naughty no8* to start to blend the black in. Than finally use a berry tone I used Kate Rimmel in 107, leave the centre part bright red and cover the rest of the lip going over the black to blend it more. You should end up with an ombre red lip, it's also vampire like if you look at the very last photo. Go back over the lip line with concealer if needed to get a crisp lip line and make those lips look full.

The nose ring, how I begged my mum to let me get one hers was massive. Fear not you don't have to run and get pierced,  you can either buy one or make a fake one. Or if you have some old jewellery, take a hoop from part of a necklace. Make sure to give it a clean, and you can always use eyelash glue to fix it in place. I only realised after that Nancy had hers on the other side *sob sob, but anyway I really enjoyed this I hope you do too. Stay tuned to see my other Halloween makeup how to's this week, to get you set for Halloween. They are quick, cheap and easy and will get the party started. so if you try the look please comment and let me know how you got on. 

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