Marks & Spencer A/W 2014

When I think of Marks & Spencer, I have flashbacks to my nan picking up vest tops and telling me never to buy my underwear from anywhere else. I was about five and I think I have always had a traditional view of the brand. I never paid much attention to their clothing, maybe with vouchers for my boys clothing (great for jumpers) but never much for myself. 

After attending their A/W press day I'd say my eye's have been opened, they had a dozen coats that were to die for and party dresses that could have fallen out of a trendy boutique. I really love this collection and there was so much I couldn't even fit it all in, the clothing is still great quality and I think if my nan were here even she would be grabbing a coat this winter and thermals of course. They also have their home range, men's wear and the children clothing is beyond cute. The collections offered something for everyone, and are also great in terms of style for older women who want to look fabulous but a little more length and coverage without the frumpy factor. M&S I salute you. 


  1. Its getting more fab and trendier by the season! Love all their jackets! xx

  2. I really like their recent stuff. And they seem to have so many good deals lately, 20% off all the time!


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