Yas Queen: Stripes & Mint

Bodysuit: New Look | Stripe Shirt: Sassy World | Mint Sliders: Schuh | Yas Queen Pin: Punky Pins

I'm all about stripes at the moment, and so I bring to you some of the cute things I've had my eye on minty, stripes goodness is where it's at. While the weather in the U.K is all over the shop, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to wear sliders at some point and get a little does of vitamin D. These Nike mint ones are so cute, and are great for days were I just don't care but still went my footwear to look cute. 

Growing up I loved bodysuits, I haven't worn one in forever as they can be a little tricky when you need the loo. That aside sometimes it's easier to wear one, than having the tuck in task as you move around during the day. I really love a lot of New Looks summer range and this body will find it's way into my wardrobe later this month. Sassy world, a whole world of sass! Hell yes, if you love true vintage and can't get enough of colourful loud prints than this shop is for you. As you may know by now I can't get enough of Board City, and so I almost did a handstand over this 'Yas Queen' pin. Over all I just need it to be sunny, I need a cocktail, I need summer. 

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