Kiss & Makeup - A Evening Of Jewellery Making With Tatty Devine

The New Kiss & Makeup collection 

Last week all my crafty dreams came true, when the queens of perspex jewellery - Tatty Devine invited me to an evening of jewellery making. A necklace from their brand new collection Kiss & Makeup. Jazmine talked me through the collection, and had on the eye shadow palette necklace which matched her outfit perfectly. I love the whole retro vibe, it was like someone had raided my mothers makeup bag. My mum had all the classic 80s makeup, nail polish with the long golden lid, eye shadows in soft blues and pinks. 

The collection as a whole is stunning, there a massive 80s influences going on think Jem and holograms, beauty school drop out vibes. Mixed with Revlon nail swatches, and than you start to see how this collection started and why it's so on point. As we settled down, the table is filled with sweeties and donuts. Not ones to do things in half measures, of course Tatty had the best donuts and Vicky herself from Vicky's donuts joined in making one too. I was finding it hard to focus at first, as there were so many cool things around me that I took a moment to scoff my donut and let my eyes take it all in. Plus it was great to chat with everyone before we got started. 

Me and Jaz rocking our necklaces| Donuts: from Vicky's donuts

Charlotte aka one of the gurus of all things Tatty, was our guide in how they make sure every necklace is perfect. While I have made necklaces in the past, I loved that the standard at Tatty is on a whole other level. Every necklace is perfect because every single one is made by hand and checked at every stage. Firstly we check we have everything to hand, than check the chain we have been given has no knots. 

While I love the design of the kiss necklace, I decided that as I'm making it I may as well make mine a little different. I laid mine out to see what I preferred, behind me is the machine that they are cut from. I start having a bit of a Alice in Wonderland moment, I've fallen down a rabbit whole and never what to leave. From the side the glitter looks a gross brown, but than peeling off the protective cover the light reveals their glitter red shade in all it's glory. So begins the making, joining the lips was actual okay. I forget what I was told to busy day dreaming, and end up cutting one of my chains too short. Before I even ask Charlotte for help, she sees my error and helps me fix it. I'm tempted to steal Charlotte to help me with life in general. Than before I even had time to finish my drink it was finished. 

Honestly there is something so satisfying about making something handmade, even if it's just connecting the dots. I asked how many necklaces they make a day, Charlotte told me that at Christmas it can run in the hundreds all in between running the shop as well. The time, energy and creatively at Tatty Devine is reflected in every piece. It was great to make a necklace, and it makes me love the pieces I own even more. The collection is available online and in store now. You can also book a workshop via their website. 

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!
    I'd love to go crazy with all their little pieces :D



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