I'm so happy to finally share that I've joined the Bloggreation team, as their vintage fashion editor. I want to say a massive thank you, to Sarah who brainstormed and started this fabulous magazine for bloggers. I love that no stone is left unturned, and that it  literally gives you everything you could possible want to know all in one place. I think an online magazine for bloggers by bloggers, is just another great way to get the community involved and give back. I absolutely adore blogging, and the community is a massive part of that. I hope as vintage fashion editor,  I can take you on a journey to find more vintage to love, give your old vintage a new home and tackle your vintage trend woes. I've already read a bunch of posts from my fellow editors, and hope that I can inspire you just as much. 

If you have any vintage features, outfits or you have posted with any tips, guides or must haves. Than please send me your links, as part of our posts we feature blog posts we think are worth checking out. 

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