How I Wear: A Crochet Vest Top

The sun was warm enough without being baking today, that I could finally wear my sailor inspired crochet vest. Sometimes when I'm half way through a crochet project, that's when I found my brain suddenly decides it's bore and I need to move on. Thankfully I've learned how to silence this part of my brain, mostly with biscuits. 

As I made a promise to myself this year, to finish every project no matter how long it takes. This top was one of the projects I'm really glad I pushed on with, I complete it within a few days and ended up loving it's oversized look. My flawed counting in how many chains I needed, meant it sits more like a smock. I actual adore this flaw so much that I'm properly going to make another, but longer so I can wear it as dress. 

Crochet Vest Top: Made by me -Pattern here
Jeans: ASOS*
Bag: H&M
Sandals: Primark 

I'm thrilled with my colour choices to, as stripes are big at the moment and blues are having a moment. I wanted a stripe like effect but with a pop of neon, to break up the navy yarn that to me has a fabulous denim like look to it. I'm taking sometime away from making clothing, to work on my African flower blanket. But to be honest, I'll probably have to have the odd break from it as you tend to loose love for projects that take longer and never completing it. As I said in my last outfit post I'm denim mad, and these ASOS jeans are great for when I need a break from my skinny jeans but I'm not feeling my flares. My Primark sandals from last year are hanging on, but I have plenty more so I'm not to fussed about shopping for summer shoes at the moment. 

I'm so excited as I'm off to Tatty Devine this week, this rainbow necklace is a comeback piece from some classics that they have relaunch. But if you want to see what I'm up to there be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter at @Law1sfab 

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  1. This is such a lovely top. I loved it last time you shared it and it looks fabulous on you. I'm trying to make sure I finish all of my projects, too.


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