Summer Stationary: Unicorns and Lollies

Scented Highlighter: Paperchase | Lolly Pencil Case: Accessorize | Notebook: Accessorize | Unicorn Stickers: Paperchase | Desk Tidy: Paperchase

Something a little different today. I'm pretty obsessed with stationary if you didn't know, *stand up 'Hello I'm Laura and I buy stationary I don't need'. Saying that I do tend to use it , but probably have more than I should. If your mistaken into thinking this is for kids, than maybe this post isn't for you. Who wants to buy dull pens and naff grown up stuff. Well probably boring grown ups, but whatever I'm about the silly, fun and different. So here are a few bits to keep you cute and organised this summer. I do love a good desk tidy and this pink one is so cute, I love a splash of colour and at least this will keep all your pens etc nice and neat. Through in a cactus planet and an inspiration quote in a frame and your desk will look Instagram worthy. Sometimes I love nothing more than making lists and writing notes. 

While I do like my phone, it's not the same as opening a cute note pad and having a doddle. To keep my important notes jumping out at me, I love to put a cute sticker by what really has to be done first. It looks sweet, but also helps my brain deal with what I should get done before everything else. I also love to use coloured highlighters to mark dates, as than I don't have to red through everything just to know where I need to be and what time and day. Plus they are scented so it's always nice to try and work out what the scents are. Keeping with my summer theme, I want need this cute lolly pencil case I tend to like to have one instead of a makeup bag for keeping my eyeliner pen and lip in when I'm on the go. Seen any cute stationary? I'd love to know what the craziest bit of stationary you have/had, and did you use it? 

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  1. This is such a pretty post, love all the colour! Sophie x


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