Why Drag Queens Inspire Me

My favourite quote of RuPaul's, who is not only an inspiration to love who you are but who also has put so much back into the LBGT community. Also who has to be one of thee most flawless drag queens of all time. 

Sometimes it feels that no matter what you do as a female, we're always going to get the shit end of the stick when it comes to body image. You pick up a magazine and one day they are saying *insert any female celebrity* is too thin. The next everyone is in a panic because her stomach is a little bloated, meaning she's pregnant and somehow these are all things we should be judging. It's not just magazines it's adverts, talk shows and social media that are constantly giving us mixed messages. You wear too much makeup, you wear too little. You should be clever, you should be funny, you shouldn't say this, but why aren't you supporting that. It seems we have to tick all these boxes and juggle it all the time without complaint and even if we are we're still being labelled. The sad truth is most of this is coming from other females, it seems we're all cut throat if there is a 'like' involved. I've seen "grown" women rip into girls they don't even know. While there seems to be a shift and fight back with groups of women supporting each other such as girl gangs. We do seem to be getting there slowly, but the venom is always going to be there, and that can be hard to stomach. 

Drag queens know the struggle, first of all they are males but does their gender stop them from becoming who they what to be? Do the words of other men stop them from putting on makeup, wigs? Does it stop them from performing to a room full of people? For most definitely not, transforming into their character is what makes life exciting. Some have been rejected by everyone they know, and yet it pushed their love and need to go for it. It drives them, if they are not happy they work on what's needed. Not because of what someone else is saying, but how they feel about it. Girls need to take a leaf out of their glitter over the top books, there are always going to be girls that put you down. They are always going to pick and pull, so ultimately while supporting each other does make a difference believing in who you are is thee most important thing. If your going after what you want, it always comes with a side of guilt. In drag there is no guilt, if we can learn to empower ourselves the way our sisters who are Mr's do then maybe this girl on girl hate would subside. Even if it doesn't, if you are doing what you like then others opinions of you don't matter as long as you're happy.

Drag has always been magical to me, the idea that a male wants to imitate a women is beautiful. That we are strong, powerful beings and ultimately we are more than hair, make-up and what we wear. For so long females have been put down, and in that we have put ourselves down seen as being weak. Drag is a celebration of femininity, that a female spirit is to be admired and adored. I love that drag embraces females, it's about creating an alter-ego with no boxes to tick. Drag is about being unapologetic and what's not to like about owning who you are. Women and especially young girls are made to feel that we can only feel good if we're following what society tells us is okay. You shouldn't wear this if you have *Insert body type*. It's sad that we have made up all these rules and placed them on each other. Drag celebrates everyone, no matter their size or body type. Drag is beyond those boundaries. I look at drag queens and think they look so flawless, their bodies are divine forgetting that they are male underneath that this female before me is an illusion. As a women I want to take that energy and drive and love my body, love myself and forget my insecurity. Maybe my illusion of self confidence can become reality. I guess it's not about not feeling or comparing, we're only human. It's about picking yourself up, and brushing others judgements away.

Yes, drag is something that is put on, but we all put on masks I guess to face the day. If we can pick up a mask that is strong, that doesn't have to spread negative energy just to feel good about ones self. A mask that says, I may not be the 'ideal' but your going to see me. I'm going to work hard, get what I deserve and be proud of who I am. That while we can't hang up ourselves like drag queens, we can hang up our doubts. That we are beyond drag, we are the real deal we don't have to be sorry and if that doesn't inspire your soul to be who you are then in the  words of RuPaul "We're born naked, the rest is drag". 

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