How I Wear: Polka Dot Jeans

So we are back to playing what to wear, regards the weather in the U.K. I'd love to say it's a fun one but I would be lying through my teeth. So keeping the balance is a daily struggle, the main one being not wanting to go out or do anything. You're either over heating in a jumper because the sun is out vs getting soaked in the pouring rain as earlier that day the sun was out and you got overly excited. So my outfits are a mix of keeping in mind that at any moment, the day will be different. I feel like it's basically consuming 60% of my time.  In between the outfit game, I've just been juggling the school run and trying to getting some me time. I had taken a little break from my crochet to enjoy the sun, while it decided to grace us with it's presents. But as it's back to soggy feet, hair and mind I decided to pick up my hook and make a new blanket. 

This is what I wore a few weeks ago, as unpredictable weather has made me give up a little on getting descent outfit pictures. I wore it to the Boohoo press day, as I wanted to be comfortable. I love this 70s inspired retro t-shirt, it reminds me of real vintage tees I wore back in the 90s in my skater kid days. However this one is a bit longer, as everything I wore than was cropped. 

Heart Choker & Crappy Meal Bag: EBay 
Polka Dot Jeans: Primark
Coat: Charity Shop
Purple Trainers: Converse*

I really loved the new collection at Boohoo for A/W16, and will share it with you soon. I'm probably going to top up my denim as I'm a bit obsessed with it this season. I love these polka dot Primark jeans, but a lot of my other pairs are looking dead tired so I'm going to have a good clear out and add some new fun new jeans as ill fitting jeans are thee worst. I also want some cute tops and I decided to revamped my old vintage jean jacket with some crochet flowers. As I really love it and it saves me buying a new one.

I still have jumpers out for when it pours outside, but I'm looking forward to buying some pretty new vest tops and getting a little sun. Plus I think my feet are looking forward to a little freedom, as it feels like a decade since my sandals have seen daylight. So I've been digging out all my nail polishes, and seeing what colours I'm feeling this season. I think I love that about summer, it's a time to refresh, declutter, pamper and relax more. I still feel like I'm in winter mode of rushing, layering all outfits and worrying more about getting a hot drink than if my hair, nails and outfit look nice. I sometimes feel a bit of a scruff, summer is my time to make more effort. I think I'm going to have a good pamper session to shake winter mode off, and try to clear out more to have some space so when summer decides to stay I'm ready. As I'm sure the sun will be out and I'll be in a snood and jumper, with chipped nail polish and frizzy hair.

What's your favourite thing about summer? Are you still in winter mode, I'd love to hear how you shake it off. 


  1. Love these jeans. I really can't wear trousers, but if I had the shape for them I'd definitely want to go for something like this.

  2. You look so fab! Can't believe those jeans are from Primark they're beaut! I am also sick of the weather game here in England ruins every outfit lol xx

  3. Sayyyy whaaaat, those jeans are Primark?! I bloody love 'em! xx


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