What I Wore: Next Press Day

Scarf: Freebie from a magazine 
Skirt: H&M (old)
Belt: Charity shop
Boots: Ebay 
Bag: Primark

I had so much fun at the Next press day, it's so nice to catch up with people you have not seen in forever. Seeing blog pals brightens my day, when your at home with young children you can start to feel a bit down and crave some adult conversation. That's one of the wonderful things about blogging, meeting like minded people it's helped me balance their life and mine. Don't get me wrong I don't mind having a brief chat about my kids I love them their my world, but some mums just turn it into 'well my kid can hand stand, juggle fire and already has a degree'. So it's great to just be around people who are more relaxed (some have kids too so can really relate). You get to know one another, and it's great to meet people behind the writing.

The press day was a lot of fun, there was a cosy bloggers lounge area, but we were all more interested in being in the wooden Wendy houses. Because were all clearly such professionals, that sitting in a mini house is just want you do. Outfit wise I styled up my Boy London tee and yes wore my 90's belt, I swear I need to name this belt I wear it so often. Of course the weather was still crappy than, so tights and boots were a must. I was in a bit of a rockabilly mood so a pink lip, scarf and curls were a must. Anyway Next have so many things you are going to love for A/W 2013, with a real modern vibe. Stay tuned.


  1. As always Laura you look absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see what Next is going to offer us!

  2. You look gorgeous here, I love that scarf with your hair!

    Maria xxx


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