How I Wear: Biker Boots With A Printed Shirt

These boots are pretty much glued to my feet, this was a really rushed outfit. In true mum style I went to throw on my skinny black jeans, only to discover they had a huge yoghurt hand print courtesy of baby Logan. His too cute, he leans out of his walker to grab clothing off the clothes horse. So throwing my black skinnies back on the 'to wash' pile, I grabbed whatever my hand was feeling on a trouser hanger. Hello high waisted purple Topshop jeans, well why not.

Another thing glued to my body this month, is my new Next coat it goes with everything!  It gives any crap I throw on, a grown up feel and it's warm which is a must as it's chilly in London. I adore the pug print on this Primark shirt, it cost just £12.00 and looks like the ones sold in Zara. I think if I had more time, I would have tucked the shirt in and put on my cute black belt as it would give me a little more shape. Or throw on my pleather studded biker waistcoat, but that could have been a little 'We will rock you' extra.

Shirt: Primark (current season)
Necklace: Magie Angus *
Coat: Next *
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Bertie *
Fur collar: H&M

How cute is my skull necklace from Maggie Angus, I swear every time they have a new collection I just want everything. It's great for when I wear heavy print, and just want a simple look. I actual forgot to take it off the night before, and was like actual it looks great against the gold buttons. Really excited that my giveaway will be live soon, got some cool things for you lot!


  1. Love this outfit, especially the blouse, it's so cute!


  2. I have that blouse too! LOVE little pooches!! :-)

  3. Skull necklace looking gorgeous with your dressing. Your dressing is beautiful with biker boots.

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