Getting Ultra Bright With Schwarzkopf

So as you can see I'm not afraid to try different things with my hair, currently it's dip dyed a candy pink colour but I'm always looking to try something new. So when the lovely folks at VICE magazine asked if I wanted to come along with them to check out the brand new Ultra Brights range from Schwarzkopf. Even my hair was screaming YES!

Asking a window cleaner, where the Schwarzkopf Academy was after google maps failed me,  I was even more excited to get there. I had seen their advert on television, but wanted to see how the colours looked in real life. As sadly I don't look as glam as their models,  and wanted to see if I could rock the colours as well as they do but in real every day life. So turning a corner looking at a huge window I saw the Schwarzkopf classic packaging from the street, I was welcoming by the team and everyone got seated for the 'how to' with Katie Mulcs.

Headscarf: Rokit*
Top: From Brighton
Jeggings: Clothing at Tesco
Necklace: Topshop
Boots: eBay

Tie dye hair  applied using the plait technique and the  dip dye hair using  Raspberry Rebel  into Fiery Copper

Katie showed us different techniques on how to use the Ultra Brights, which was wonderful as it's so easy to pick up a box of dye and just apply it all over. Katie showed us a 90's look of how to layer two colours, she sectioned the top of the hair and applied the new 'Raspberry Rebel' pushing some of the colour down into the lower section to help the colour blend. Than took the 'Fiery Copper' and applied to the rest of the lower layer of hair. Think back to when people use to have the blonde on top, with the black underneath - See now you recall it, good old 90's.

Than their was the 'tie dye' effect, this I really loved as it's not as full on as the other looks - Perfect for if your new to dying your hair. Katie sectioned the hair at the back and than plaited each side, she said to apply the dye to each side to get the colour in smaller sections of the hair. The finished look is above and is great for if you want to add a little colour, but don't want to go mad.

If your like me you will love the dip dye, but even this dip dye was different. A full top half of the stunning LIVE colour XXL 91 'Raspberry Rebel', blending into a colour that reminds me of the fifth element Leeloo's hair - My dream hair, Live colour XXL 90 'Fiery Copper'. There is also 'Pillar Box Red' which has to be the reddist dye I've ever seen, and that was used as a full colour on a bob haircut and looked amazing!

 Zoe, Lily and me talking hair colours 
The tie dye 
Me & Lilly playing with the heads, to get a feel for the colours

I really wanted to dye my hair, but there wasn't really enough time to lighten my hair to get the true full effect like the dip dye head. You can use them on dark hair, but it shows up more as a tint than the full colour. I love bright colour, so I am going to try it at home as it's so easy to use Lina dyed her tips, which looked amazing!

I was chatting with Zoe and Lilly and we were all talking about the Ultra brights range and how amazing the colour looked on the heads. We joked that if Lily didn't want to dye her hair, she could dye her eyebrows. Lina applied the dye to her dip dyed ends and she made a video, to show you all just how easy it is to use. The dye is semi permanent so it will slowly rinse out after a while, so you can easily change up your colour again. There are gloves and two lots of conditioner in each pack, and it's a screw top dye so you can use as much or as little as you like.

Katie styled my hair instead, she give me a wonderful Bettie Page style bang which I loved. Schwarzkopf Academy kindly gifted us with goodie bags, so I have the dyes to achieve the look I want at home. To be honest the dye is'nt pricey anyway, I would happily buy it at around £5.00 as the colours are so vivid but it was so kind of them to give me them to try. I'm letting my hair grow out a little, so I can chop off my overly bleached ends. Than I think I'm going to be brave and go Ultra bright with the Schwarzkopf colours. I think these colours are even better in real life, and model or not I could rock them and so can you.

What do you think of the Ultra bright colours range? Will you be trying them, if so are you going for a full head or do you prefer an effect dip dye/ tie dye? Would love to know.


  1. ahh your hair looks so damn cool like that,very jealous :D tried so hard to get pink in my hair before now and it just will have have it haha,you look great lovely xx

  2. #1..your HAIR...- YES! #2...your BOOTS! and I prefer the dip looks amazing on you!

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  4. Hiya! I've used the fiery copper one - I'm naturally dark brown, bleached my hair and then did the copper all over (left the roots platinum because I love how Leeloo looks in 5th Element!). Absolutely love it, and now it's fading out to a kind a pale copper which looks cool too, but I think I'll re-do it when I do my roots. I love the raspberry/copper layered effect, might have to give that a go. The only thing I found with the dye was that I needed to use a lot to cover my thick hair. x


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