The Bad Taste Granny Jumper

It's that time of year again, the smell of Christmas is in the air ...Okay maybe not, maybe that's all the London pollution going to my head. What you can feel is that before you know it, you'll be wrapping presents till 2.00 am, wishing you had planned ahead more. There's one thing that will never change, even if you don't celebrate Christmas. What am I talking about, well the bad taste jumper of course. I've always loved a good old fugly knit, to me they are more creative and so what if they make people laugh. Why people feel they have to be 'on trend' 24/7 is beyond me. 

This jumper is actual rather cute, and not what I'd call bad taste. Saying this they have an Elf jumper and a Santa one, perfect for the cringe factor and maybe even some dad dancing. They don't just sell crazy granny jumpers, they have a lot of cool gifts. You can have them personalise with the persons name, I really love this Love hearts phone cover. Or how about a retro sweet hamper, I swear I'd have no teeth left Christmas day I love Flying Saucers, Love hearts, Black Jacks, Foam Shrimpys!


Hat: Primark
Shirt: Primark via chairty shop
Skirt: eBay (similar here)
Boots: Primark

So outfit wise I went for a pleather pleated skirt of course (worn this to death), and a denim shirt worn underneath I think these are my go to for wearing a jumper. I would also wear this with a studded collar shirt, sequin leggings and heels, for a night look. I think this is by far the best 'bad taste' jumper I've ever worn, the worst was an 80's purple (complete with shoulder pads) abstract print jumper/shirt. If I had been near Christmas lights I would have caught on fire, it was vile but I kinda miss that purple mess because it reminds me of that Christmas. 

Do you like a good old fugly jumper?

Describe the worst bad taste jumper you have ever worn- it's good to share.



  1. I actually love the jumper & don't think it's bad taste at all! I think it's the fact it's black, white & blue, it keeps it looking quite cute & not overly festive & cheesy?
    You've got me craving retro sweets now too! Hah!

  2. Omg I loveeeee the jumper!!!! <3 you look sooooo cute xx

  3. OMG...I LOVE it..and of're TOTALLY ROCKING' it out! I would snag that up in a heartbeat if I found that at the charity shop! In fact, I've been scouring them for the past week in hopes of finding something even HALF as good! Kudos to you lady..and with the SKIRT?!!! man, just when I think "it's awesome..." you take it to the next level..way to go O' Fashion Hero of mine! - xx angi

  4. I haven bad taste jumper but I think I need a new one this year (its seen better days). Love this look! The denim shirt underneath looks amazing

  5. I really like the jumper , although I'm really getting drawn to festive knits this year haha x

  6. I love me a fugly jumper although I think this one is really cute! We have matching shoes, love them so much!

    Maria xxx

  7. I have a black one with lovehearts sewn in with glittery thread. It's H&M and it's awesome. I had a vintage mustard jumper that was hideous and my boyfriend "accidently" shrunk it in the wash.

  8. Contemplating buying a festive jumper for Xmas day now! :D

  9. Bad tate? GURL that jumper is shamazeballs (thanks Xfactor for invading my vocab.) Love the skirt too, keeps it from being too loud.
    Got to say your hair looks fantastic! x

  10. Ah this jumper is gorgeous! Ideal for Christmas!! I agree with Stephanie - I don't think it's bad taste at all :)!

    Robyn Mayday

  11. I'm not sure what it says about me that I adore that jumper! x

  12. I love the bad taste jumper...Lets say not so bad taste after all :)

  13. that's a quality outfit, it totally suits you. not bad taste from me. i had this green wooly jumper with two red stripes on it, slight roll neck from a vintage shop. it only came out at xmas but was so itchy.

  14. I love how you've styled it with the denim shirt, it looks really unique, you look lovely xx

  15. Loving the bad taste jumper! I'm going on a Christmas pub crawl in a couple of weeks and there is a prize for the best Christmassy jumper, so I finally have an excuse to buy one myself!


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