How I Wear: Trainers & A Dress

There was a time when if trainers were mentioned, my first thought was ' Converse'. But I don't know if it's because of it being a new year and wanted to try something different. Or I basically want to wear the slipper of the trainer world, but I just can't get enough of running shoes. I've had these Nikes for ages now, but have been in search of some new kicks for a while. I think I'm ready to move on from my trusted Converse, for something bright and probably more practical that I could do a workout in. I guess it was only a matter of time, hanging out with Clare and Lois who regular rock trainers with their daily wear makes it easy to see how actual they are a dream to style.

Neon pink Beanie: Toyshop
Yellow Coat: Primark
Strawberry Bag: Primark
Trainers : Nike

So as I'm still undecided as to what I want, these ones have not left my feet. I decided to team them with my new dress, and I was a little unsure as I HAVE to wear tights. It's cold I feel it, I'm in my thirties I feel it, I'm not even sorry I need them okay. Hang ups aside, I really like this outfit, yes my trusted yellow coat went on and it worked because I was warm but still felt like I wasn't wearing a sleeping bag. - Which trust me with some of my layered outfits I tend to disappear in, not the best look. 

The print of this dress is everything, I have a bit of a thing for lip prints at the moment. It fits true to size as well as I had my bulky coat on I belted it to keep it from looking tent like. Sadly later after I'd been out shopping my headphones broke, so when I get some new trainers I'll probably get some headphones to match. I'm looking forward to embracing trainers more and seeing how I can style more of my wardrobe with them. How do you style yours?                              


  1. This dress is EVERYTHING. Also can't believe that bag is from Primark. x

  2. love this outfit! yellow and pink are one of my fave combos! <3 x

  3. Oh my gosh, you look AMAZING!!!
    The dress is especially lovely :D


  4. Loooooove this outfit, the dress is stunning :)))

  5. I love this look, it really suits you and I'm completely with you on the tights thing, it's freezing! x


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