Vintage Shopping With Rokit

Rokit - Covent Garden 

I can still remember the first Rokit store I ever stumbled upon, it  was a warm Saturday and me and Barry had been in Camden for most of the morning. We had just polished off a curry from the the market and decided to walk around once more before heading home- In other words I decided I need to buy more and dragged Barry with me. I had money to spend so it must have been close to payday, but was bored of the high street and fancied expanding my vintage wardrobe. 

Which back than was  around four items, I guess I was still learning about key pieces to invest in, and decided I couldn't go wrong with a denim skirt. I wore that bad boy to death, than when it got worn it looked even cooler. I went back the next month and picked one up in every colour. They were Levis reworked jeans that had been dyed and looked rocking. Simple but a classic, and to be honest if my waistline hadn't expanded over the years I would probably be wearing the same ones now. -Note to self buy some on your next shopping trip. 

As you know I love vintage, but as it's so popular now it can be a bit of a mare to find great vintage. The lovely peeps at Rokit invited me down to see if I could find some fab pieces to not only look funky in but jazz up my winter wardrobe. Of course I was counting down the days till I could get to a store to bat this challenge out the park. 

Where to start that is always the problem. I tend to look in jackets and coats first, I think when your shopping for adding into your wardrobe this is a way of getting a piece that you will wear more. While I was there I think a women mistook me for a Rokit peep and wanted my advice on a couple of jackets. I love to shop so natural helped her find a perfect 90s faux fur trim coat that would have made the cast of Almost Famous proud, and than chatted about why the 90s was so much better to be a teenager in. 

Than out the corner of my eye spotted this beautiful jacket that was a cross between, Chanel meets Clueless sadly it was a little too small for me. Sometimes this will happen, it's vintage, it's a one off. But than I spotted a pink checked jacket of dreams, and it fit like a glove. I love layering thinner jackets under heavy coats, as you can still have all that fun print and stay warm. The staff were amazing as I asked if they had any 60s party wear that I could try on. We found this amazing sequin top, which makes me feel like a real life mermaid (outfit post to come) and there was a moment I was going to put it back, but it was so beautiful. I did try on a couple of jumpers and dresses but again it's about fit. I found so much but of course had to be selective about what I would actual wear. There party wear is insane and I wanted to roll about in all the amazing dresses. They also have a massive range for lads too, including shoes and accessories which to be honest I always have a nose at because vintage men's sweaters are the one. 

I was really impressed to see they still sell reworked items, I mean who doesn't like a newly cropped vintage cat sweater. I was already planning on which shirt I'd layer it over, but before I could reach up a girl grabbed it. * Word to the wise, if you like it pick it up than decided if it's you or not. Vintage shopping is such a rush, I guess it's not knowing what's going to be there. Of course Rokit like other vintage stores makes it easy for you to shop, but at the same time it gets your style juices flowing on items you may have not considered before. I guess the best advice I can give you is have an open mind, and try things on. It may look smaller and fit. It may be your size but maybe doesn't fit you in the right places. Rokit is great for vintage on a budget too, they have a wide range of low to high end and you can always find something unique. I'm looking forward to showing you how I style my pieces for some jazzy winter inspiration. Have you shopped with Rokit? What was your best find? 


  1. I LOVE vintage shopping! It is getting even more expensive now though- so much is bought and then re-sold on etsy etc. I don't think I've ever bought anything from Rokit but my overall best vintage find is a silver and black sequin jacket that I got for a TENNER. x

  2. That pink tartan jacket is BEAUTIFUL!!



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